'The Morning Show' Crew Is Ready to 'Burn It All Down' in Season 3 Trailer: 'It Is Time to Smash and Shatter'

As a cyber attack nearly brings down the network and a tech titan (Jon Hamm) comes to town, Alex (Jennifer Aniston) vows, "We should finish what we started"

Everything is on the line in the third season of The Morning Show.

The Apple TV+ series returns as "the future of the network is thrown into question and loyalties are pushed to the brink when a tech titan (Jon Hamm) takes an interest in UBA. Unexpected alliances form, private truths are weaponized, and everyone is forced to confront their core values both in and out of the newsroom," according to an official synopsis from the streamer.

In the trailer for the upcoming season, Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) is ready to have her voice heard, saying, "I’m all over this network. I need to have a say in the future of this place."

Network executive Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) responds, "What you are asking is unprecedented." But she doesn’t take no for an answer and firmly insists, "I am unprecedented."

"You want that seat at the grownup table but it's not your turn, Alex," he adds.

<p>Courtesy of Apple</p> Jennifer Aniston in 'The Morning Show' Season 3

Courtesy of Apple

Jennifer Aniston in 'The Morning Show' Season 3

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As Alex, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) and Christina Hunter (Nicole Beharie) sit at the anchor desk, the network is hit with an aggressive cyber attack which causes chaos at UBA.

"We’re off the air," Bradley says and Alex questions, "What’s happening?"

UBA producer Mia Jordan (Karen Pittman) advises that "someone's in the system" while Stella Bak (Greta Lee) wants them to turn the music off. The pressure also gets to Cory who calls the attack "nuclear" and smashes glass with a fire extinguisher.

Bradley has her own concerns in light of the attack, saying, "Certain things may come to light. Personal things that were never meant to be shared."

<p>apple TV+</p> Reese Witherspoon in 'The Morning Show' Season 3

apple TV+

Reese Witherspoon in 'The Morning Show' Season 3

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Alex believes it’s time to "let all the secrets come out," adding, "They did not protect me." But Bradley responds, "They didn't protect you... But I did."

After the attack, the future of the network hangs in the balance as Cory says, "We are flirting with financial disaster. We need someone with more money than God!"

Enter Tech titan Paul Marks who tells Corey, "I’m offering you a lifeline. Take the money."

As Paul grows closer to Alex, Bradley questions how well she knows him. Alex responds, "What does that mean? Do you know how much is at stake here?"

Paul later tells Alex that his offer is "a chance to create something better, but you have to really, really want it."

After the conversation, Corey says, "It's refreshing to get stabbed in the stomach instead of the back so thanks," while Paul asks Stella, "What do you think Stella, you wanna run this place?"

<p>Courtesy of Apple</p> Tig Notaro and Jon Hamm in 'The Morning Show' Season 3

Courtesy of Apple

Tig Notaro and Jon Hamm in 'The Morning Show' Season 3

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Bradley is also handling her own fallout after making "a huge mistake." Cory threatens, "Fix it or I will."

Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies) is also upset with Bradley, telling her, "You broke every rule! How do you sit in that chair every night?"

The trailer concludes with Corey saying, "It is time to smash and shatter. Let's burn it all down," and Alex adds, "We should finish what we started."

Teasing what's to come, Witherspoon, 47, previously told Entertainment Tonight that the upcoming third season is "so good."

"We obviously added Jon Hamm, which has been so fun," she continued. "We have all these new cast members who have just upped the game."

"I will say, there is lots of romance this year," Witherspoon added.

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Season 3 of The Morning Show premieres with its first two episodes on Sept. 13. Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Apple TV+.

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