This Is The Most Popular Super Bowl App In Your State

The Most Popular Dips & Wings For Super BowlGoogle Trends

If you're stumped on what snacks to prepare for your friends and family for the Super Bowl, why not look for inspiration from the people closest to you? And yes, we mean that literally.

In honor of the big game, Google created several maps that show what the most-popular Super Bowl foods are in every state across the country.

google game day dips
Google Trends

No Super Bowl spread is complete without a dip, and according to Google, the most searched type of dip is buffalo-based. Across the Northeast, in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, buffalo chicken dip reigns supreme.

Spinach dip, fruit dip, and queso dip also popped up quite frequently on Google's map, but some states kept things closer to their local cuisine. Maryland and Virginia's most searched dip was crab dip, and Alaska's was smoked salmon dip. Hawaii's is a dip that features the processed seafood product kamaboko.

google chicken wing flavors
Google Trends

Another immensely popular game day snack across the board is chicken wings. When it comes to the most searched chicken wing styles, the Southeast is on fire. Hot wings were the most searched flavor in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and several other states.

Some states are opting to keep things light this Super Bowl. Cauliflower wings were the most searched wing style in Montana and Colorado, and baked wings were the most popular style in Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon, and Delaware.

If wings and dip aren't quite your thing, Google Trends did also release a list of the most-searched Super Bowl recipes. Those recipes are:

  1. Shrimp scampi recipe

  2. Chili recipe

  3. Meatloaf recipe

  4. Meatball recipe

  5. Sliders recipe

  6. Sloppy joe recipe

  7. Goulash recipe

  8. Pizza dough recipe

  9. Alfredo sauce recipe

  10. Cheesecake recipe

And since you'll need something to wash all those snacks down, the most-searched Super Bowl drinks, according to Google Trends, are:

  1. Manhattan drink

  2. Shirley Temple drink

  3. Sidecar drink

  4. Sex on the beach drink

  5. Roy Rogers drink

  6. Screwdriver drink

  7. Grasshopper drink

  8. Painkiller drink

  9. Cosmopolitan drink

  10. John Daly drink

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