Motorist's dangerous ‘driving fail’ caught on camera

The footage was posted online on Sunday by a witness.

As holidaymakers across the world hit the roads to enjoy the Easter break with friends and family, one motorist has been captured in a wild move that has left many stunned.

In footage posted to social media, the driver of a small, green car appears to attempt to overtake two other vehicles in front — by driving in the middle of them.

In the 39-second clip, the car continued to swerve between two lanes as it remained dangerously close behind the larger vehicles in front — before finally swerving into the far left lane at the end of the video.

Image of the small, green car driving in the middle of two lanes between two large black vehicles.
The 'driving fail' was shared online on Sunday and hundreds of thousands have since seen it. Source: TikTok

An indicator was not once used in the footage despite multiple lane changes during the incident which happened in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Locals react to the strange footage

"Driving fail," the witness said alongside the video which they shared online on Sunday.

Of the hundreds of thousands who have seen the footage, many have condemned the behaviour. "Where they get their licence from?" a person asked.

While others laughed at the strange behaviour. "Which lane is right for me at this time in my life," another joked.

The road rules

If this driving manoeuvre happened in Australia, a driver could cop a bunch of fines and lose demerit points if caught.

Failing to indicate

Each state and Territory can get you for failing to signal before turning. According to NRMA, improper use of indicator signals attracts a fine of $194 and two demerit points in NSW. Victorians and Queenslanders would cop a similar fine and loss of points.


Driving too closely behind another vehicle can mean a fine of over $400 in NSW, ACT and SA, over $300 in Queensland and over $200 in WA. It can also mean a loss of up to two or three demerit points depending on the state. Northern Territory is the only jurisdiction without specific tailgating rules.

Reckless / Careless driving

Reckless driving is knowingly or carelessly driving in a way that endangers other road users and community members. Each State and Territory have their own definitions but all take the offence very seriously.

It comes with not only thousands of dollars worth of fines, but potential jail time and a loss of licence in all jurisdictions — depending on the severity.

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