Mum humiliated by cafe owner after changing son's nappy

Allison Yee

A mum to one-year-old twins claimed she was left humiliated and in tears after she was yelled at for changing her son at a café.

Dion Skull took to Facebook, revealing how she was out with her sons Luca and Zack at the Farmhouse Restaurant in Guildford, UK, when Zack needed his nappy changed.

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The 31-year-old mum, who is a regular diner at the restaurant, admits she knew her pram didn’t fit through the baby change door, so faced with the options, decided to sit outside on the grass to change her son.

Dion was a regular diner at the Farmhouse Restaurant with her two sons. Photo: Facebook

“That way I can keep an eye on his brother while he eats the salad that makes them 90% profit?” she wrote in her post.

Instead, Dion was left utterly humiliated when a staffer approached her, claiming other diners had complained about her changing her son.

Despite changing her bubs before she left the house, Zack had an accident and needed a new nappy at the restaurant. Photo: Facebook

“To the anonymous person who complained - you're a dick,” wrote Dion. “I made it almost impossible for you to see anything. If you saw something that offended you, you were looking too closely.

“Worse though, to the waitress who complained to me, shame on you! I didn't need to know that someone had complained. You didn't need to publicly embarrass me.”

The mum shared her story on the restaurant's Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

Dion’s post has sparked a heated debate, with some saying it’s a situation lots of mums can sympathise with.

“This is disgraceful being a mum of twins myself, it's very difficult and stressful being a mum of twins,” wrote one user. “If the changing facilities aren't adequate you do what you have to do!!!”

“To shame this lady for changing her baby's nappy in public shows a terrible lack of compassion,” added another. “She already explained why she couldn't use the facilities and would have been a worse mother for leaving the child in a dirty nappy. If you don't like it don't look.”

Dion admits her other son had separation anxiety so she didn't want to leave him. Photo: Facebook

However others claim Dion shouldn't have changed her son's nappy in public like that.

"I have 5 children aged between 13 and 2. At one point I had 3 children under the age of 3, and later 4 aged 5 and under," wrote one mum. "I know it's often very hard and I have sympathy for frazzled mums but I would never change a soiled nappy in front of people trying to eat in a restaurant. I would have carried both children to the baby changing facilities."

"I am sorry but whoever complained was right!" added another Facebook commenter. "There are baby changing facilities everywhere nowadays- why not to use those? Your child's poop is acceptable to you, but not me and I would not want to see contents of a dirty nappy whilst I am having my dinner!"

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