Mum's dare turns into $480,000-a-year OnlyFans career

A mum-of-two has revealed how she switched her $48,000-a-year cleaning job to make $480,000-a-year on OnlyFans after her husband dared her to post a sexy photo.

Before starting her modelling career, Courtney Ann, 38, from Fort Worth, Texas, US, loved scrolling through social media but her husband Nick, 41, usually avoided it.

She would often point out to him how pretty other girls looked and he would always tell her she looked just as sexy.

To prove his point, Nick dared Courtney to upload a saucy snap of herself – and had no idea that this would become the start of his wife's new, lucrative career.

The popular photo didn't even include Courtney's face – but rather a tasteful shot of her legs and bum, which also inspired her moniker: 'Texas Thighs'.

Courtney Ann has completely changed her life with OnlyFans. Source: Jam Press/ Australscope
Courtney Ann has completely changed her life with OnlyFans. Source: Jam Press/ Australscope

"One day, we saw this girl who was short like me, and Nick told me 'I don't see why you can't do the same if you wanted to'," Courtney told Jam Press.

"After further jokes and discussion, we decided to give it a brief faceless try.

"I started posting booty and front pics without my face and used Instagram posts to help inspire us.

"After one month, I had 15,000 followers."

At the time, Courtney was working long days as a cleaner, alongside caring for her teenage daughters.

"My days were busy, stressful and tiring," she admitted.

"My hubby left for work super early so I fed the girls, got the car loaded with cleaning supplies and equipment, then took them to school.

"Then I went on to clean a house, run to the store or any other errands needed, pick up the girls, do after-school activities, house chores, make dinner, and then finally get a little downtime with them and the hubby once he was home.

"I loved my life still. I loved my family and loved that I could make my own hours and still be there for my daughters' school stuff, but I always wanted to do something more creative and more exciting.

"Something more me as a woman."

Upsetting phone call with mum over new career

Despite Courtney feeling her new career was a much more positive step for her, her husband and her kids, not everyone in her family agreed.

"Someone sent my mum a picture of the page and she called me and said "What is Texas Thighs?"

"This was three months after we began the page. She was very upset on the phone.

"Based on everything in my upbringing, I expected it would be a little surprising and they just wouldn't look at it and we'd move on.

"I hadn't told them because it was a hobby at the time and we were still figuring it out ourselves.

"No matter what I said they had their minds made up - but so had I and this was not something I was going to give up."

Courtney now earns 10 times as much as she did when she was a cleaner. Source: Jam Press/ Australscope
Courtney now earns 10 times as much as she did when she was a cleaner. Source: Jam Press/ Australscope

Things came to a head when her family arrived at her house while Courtney was home alone and she eventually called the police.

"It escalated - I love my parents but I really didn't feel like they were going to stop or calm down."

Courtney feels the situation has left long-term damage to their relationship but despite the difficulties, Courtney has no regrets about her new career.

Six months after setting up her own online subscription page, she was making enough money to quit her cleaning job.

She now earns 10 times her salary while working from home, with over 1.1million followers on Instagram and an OnlyFans page.

Her husband has also quit his job as a sales rep and account manager to help with account management, marketing and photography.

Courtney credits her new job for not only improving her finances, but also helping her bond with her kids, as they now have more time to spend together – and money to do fun activities.

"I spend every single day with my husband and two daughters, who are now homeschooled online," she revealed.

"We have been on more vacations during this time than all of our years together combined.

"Nick and I have been able to not only give them experiences but also so much more of our actual time."

The couple's teenage daughters understand what their mum does – but they fully support her work.

"As they have grown and as the business has grown, they have gotten to see the hard work, persistence and drive we have put into it.

"They know more now about the world so they understand sexuality more, as well as how people can see things very differently.

"They know that we make sexy modelling content and make a living off of it.

"They are happy for me and love that I get to be a happier, more fun and even more involved mum."

- Jam Press/ Australscope

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