Mum's heartache after 'intense headaches' lead to troubling discovery

The mum of two had been complaining of headaches for years but claims doctors dismissed her symptoms.

A mum fears she may not see her children grow up after doctors "dismissed" her incurable brain tumour as "bad headaches" for years.

Morgan Nottle's life turned upside down in September after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 26 weeks pregnant.

The mum of two had been experiencing throbbing headaches for seven years but claims doctors dismissed the pain for recurrent migraines. It wasn't until the 25-year-old became pregnant with her second child, Lilah, that her symptoms worsened, leaving her in so much pain she could "barely walk".

Morgan Nottle discovered she had an incurable tumour on her brain when she was pregnant with her second child. Source: Kennedy News and Media
Morgan Nottle discovered she had an incurable tumour on her brain when she was pregnant with her second child. Source: Kennedy News and Media

"I've always suffered really badly with headaches for the last seven or eight years. They were so intense. But the doctors would always put them down to migraines and said it was nothing to worry about," she said.

"Then when I got pregnant, the headaches got more intense. I'd had them for a few days and nothing was helping. I felt pressure in my head. It felt like my head was going to explode."

Further investigation leads to troubling find

The former shop assistant demanded further investigation and an MRI scan revealed an incurable brain tumour growing in her head.

"They kept me in for two days and did an MRI scan then asked to talk to me in a private room. I knew it was something bad," she said. "I was thinking the worst when I was given the diagnosis. I wanted another baby for such a long time and finally got pregnant then this happened.

"When they told me I had a brain tumour, it was like I couldn't hear anything. It was awful."

Distraught, Morgan, who lives in Dartfort, Kent, was unable to begin treatment until the birth of her baby girl in December, after which she had brain surgery to remove the tumour. The mum was told in January her tumour was 'stable', but after she began experiencing debilitating headaches again doctors referred her for another surgery.

Morgan underwent a five-hour craniotomy operation to remove the brain tumour from the frontal lesion on February 14th, and is still awaiting the results.

X-ray showing large tumour on brain.
The mum had a large tumour on her brain. Source: Kennedy News and Media

Mum fears she'll miss her kids growing up

Despite being told her tumour is incurable, Morgan hopes, with surgery, treatment and MRI scans, her cancer can be managed. However, it may one day become unmanageable and more "aggressive", leaving her fearing she could miss out on seeing her children grow up.

She admits she is "frustrated" that it wasn't found earlier and claims if doctors had just "listened to her" she "wouldn't be in the situation that I am now".

"I'm still waiting to hear back about how much of the tumour they actually got out. They told me they weren't sure if they could remove all of it and the surgery would be complicated," she said. "They said it can keep coming back and eventually it will become more aggressive. It's just a case of managing it."

"I do think I might not see my babies grow up. It was so frustrating my symptoms were dismissed," she continued. "I always say to people go and get checked if they have symptoms. You know your body."

Morgan's friend Chloe Jackson launched a fundraiser to help pay for a dream holiday to Disneyland Paris for Morgan and her kids. The Go Fund Me page has already racked up more than £1,000 in donations, with more money still flooding in.

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