N.H.: Bolduc loses Senate race to Hassan

Republican Don Bolduc concedes Senate race in New Hampshire to Sen. Maggie Hassan

Video transcript

DON BOLDUC: Maggie Hassan has won. I was told the protocol was to call her first, but I'm not one for protocol.

- Yeah.

DON BOLDUC: I wanted to come and tell my supporters who have been with me 100% that this is not a loss. We woke a lot of people up. Hopefully, we put her on notice. And hopefully, she will do the right thing for Granite Staters.

Well, we can only hope, right? And we've got to have faith. And I'm honored to have had the opportunity to represent the Republican Party in the US Senate race here in New Hampshire.

Right now in this nation, there are a lot of ifs. And we have done something here in the state of New Hampshire. We have created a rumble. We have created the idea that the government should not tread on its people. And that career politicians must change.

We didn't win today, but imagine "if" we continue to come together, "if" we join hands, "if" we decide that they worked for us and we don't work for them. And "if" we give them no quarter when they fail us, and we demand that they do the right thing for us, our children, and our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren. If we can do this, even in losing, we will win.