Naomi Watts reveals 'mortifying' moment during chemistry test: 'Just kept going'

The Aussie star also admitted to lying to try and secure a role back in the day.

Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup
Naomi Watts married actor Billy Crudup last year. Photo: Getty

Aussie star Naomi Watts has revealed a hilariously embarrassing moment during an audition for a movie, where she just kept kissing another A-list actor without hearing the director's call to cut the kiss.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress told about how a chemistry test went awry and turned into a makeout session entirely by accident after the two stars didn't hear the calls to stop. While she didn't share who the passionate kiss was with, she called the moment "mortifying" and said she felt rattled after.

"It was mortifying because we didn't hear a 'cut,' and it just kept going," the 55-year-old star said. "Then they were like, 'OK, OK.' And we both were like, 'Oh, sorry, we didn't hear..' I did feel a bit rattled."


Despite the apparent chemistry between the two stars, Naomi went on to say she didn't land the role in the end.

"I was auditioning, and I didn’t get the job, so clearly I did not do a good make-out," she said, describing herself as "shocking bad" at auditions early on in her acting career.

The Hollywood Reporter cover with Sofia Vergara, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Jodie Foster, Naomi Watts, Brie Larson, and Anna Sawai
The Hollywood Reporter story featured Sofia Vergara, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Jodie Foster, Naomi Watts, Brie Larson, and Anna Sawai. Photo: Hollywood Reporter/Instagram

The Hollywood Reporter interview also featured other notable stars like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster, Sofia Vergara, Brie Larson and Anna Sawai.

Most of the actresses all admitted they had lied to secure a job before, with Naomi saying, "I definitely added special skills to my résumé back in the day. Multiple languages, lots of weird sports.


Sofia Vergara added her own hilarious story, admitting how her lie almost backfired on her. "I didn’t lie to get a job, but I lied to my agents so they’d take me when I moved to L.A," she confessed. "I said I could sing and dance. Why not? I didn’t think they were going to send me out. Then they sent me to an audition for Chicago on Broadway... But I got the part. I played Mama Morton in Chicago!"

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