Natalie Portman wants Angel City FC to play Ryan Reynolds' soccer team

Natalie Portman and Ryan Reynolds are trying to arrange a game between their respective soccer clubs.
The Oscar-winning actress is one of the co-owners of Angel City FC in Los Angeles, and Natalie has confessed to being wowed by the recent success of Wrexham AFC, the Welsh soccer team that Ryan co-owns with Rob McElhenney.
Natalie, 41, told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I've been lucky enough to talk to [Ryan] about his journey, and he's so inspirational for what he's done with Wrexham, and they have a women's team also. So, we have talked about kind of having some friendly matches at some point."
Natalie co-owns Angel City FC alongside the likes of Eva Longoria and Serena Williams.
But the Hollywood star admits that her journey with the team hasn't been straightforward.
Speaking about her club - who play in the National Women's Soccer League in the US - Natalie shared: "It was incredible to get the support from all of those friends and it was, it was really moving when people came on board, because it wasn't obvious, and we got a lot of no's before we got yes'. And I feel like I didn't realise what a big lift it was, and that might have stopped me from doing it if I understood how hard it was going to be.
"I feel lucky that I had that kind of ignorance or optimism that, of course, this will all work out. I believed in it so much. I believed in it because these players are the best players in the world, and it's the most popular sport in the world and I thought, 'there's no way that you don't provide greater accessibility, and this isn't the biggest hit.'"