Nathalie Emmanuel: Everything in life happens for a reason

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Nathalie Emmanuel thinks everything in life "happens as it should".
The 32-year-old actress met one of her best friends by sheer good fortune and she's convinced that some things in life are simply "meant to be".
Nathalie shared: "I actually met one of my best friends on a train and I very nearly missed that train.
"I basically fell onto the train, just as the doors closed, with a couple of my colleagues and we sort of overwhelmed this man's table. I was like: 'Sorry, can we sit here?' And he's been my friend for 15 years.
"Who knows what could have happened if I hadn't made that train? Maybe I'd have met him in another place at another time? But I do think that everything happens as it should and as it's meant to be and I would be careful not to mess with that if I had the chance to."
Nathalie is now looking forward to the Christmas holidays, and she's revealed that she watches three festive films every year.
She told the BBC: "We always watch 'The Snowman' every year, 'Home Alone' comes on at some point, and 'The Grinch'. Three classics."
Meanwhile, Nathalie claimed earlier this year that Hollywood is finally providing more opportunities for women.
The 'Game of Thrones' actress thinks things have improved for women on screen over the past decade.
She said: "In the past five or ten years, you’ve been seeing a lot more opportunities for women - as in, they’re not just a male-gaze version of what they think a female action hero is.
"The characters are nuanced with complex personalities and not like they’ve just changed the pronouns to 'she' when it could have been played by a guy."

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