NBA playoffs: Predictions for Knicks-Sixers, Nuggets-Lakers and every first-round series

The NBA playoffs begin Saturday. The eight first-round matchups are set.

Which contenders will advance past the first round? Our experts make their picks for each series.

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(1) Celtics vs. (8) Heat

Dan Devine: Celtics in 5
Jake Fischer: Celtics in 5
Vincent Goodwill: Celtics in 6
Tom Haberstroh: Celtics in 6
Ben Rohrbach: Celtics in 5
Dan Titus: Celtics in 4

(2) Knicks vs. (7) 76ers

Devine: Knicks in 7
Fischer: Knicks in 7
Goodwill: Knicks in 6
Haberstroh: Knicks in 6
Rohrbach: Knicks in 7
Titus: Sixers in 6

(3) Bucks vs. (6) Pacers

Devine: Bucks in 7
Fischer: Pacers in 6
Goodwill: Bucks in 7
Haberstroh: Bucks in 7
Rohrbach: Pacers in 6
Titus: Bucks in 7

(4) Cavaliers vs. (5) Magic

Devine: Magic in 6
Fischer: Magic in 6
Goodwill: Magic in 6
Haberstroh Magic in 6
Rohrbach: Cavs in 7
Titus: Cavs in 6

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Los Angeles, California March 2, 2024-Lakers LeBron James walks off the court in the final seconds against Nuggets at Arena. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
Can the Lakers take down the defending champs? Don't look, LeBron. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


(1) Thunder vs. (8) Pelicans

Devine: Thunder in 5
Fischer: Thunder in 7
Goodwill: Thunder in 5
Haberstroh: Thunder in 6
Rohrbach: Thunder in 6
Titus: Thunder in 5

(2) Nuggets vs. (7) Lakers

Devine: Nuggets in 5
Fischer: Nuggets in 5
Goodwill: Nuggets in 5
Haberstroh: Nuggets in 6
Rohrbach: Nuggets in 5
Titus: Nuggets in 5

(3) Timberwolves vs. (6) Suns

Devine: Suns in 6
Fischer: Wolves in 7
Goodwill: Wolves in 7
Haberstroh: Wolves in 6
Rohrbach: Suns in 7
Titus: Wolves in 7

(4) Clippers vs. (5) Mavericks

Devine: Mavs in 6
Fischer: Mavs in 6
Goodwill: Mavs in 7
Haberstroh: Mavs in 7
Rohrbach: Mavs in 7
Titus: Mavs in 6

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