NCIS Video: Sean Murray Talks Tim’s New Kin, Braves Our NCIS Pop Quiz!

It was this past November — when CBS’ NCIS like most of TV was still on a strikes-extended hiatus — that Sean Murray marked the 20th anniversary of his debut as Special Agent Timothy McGee.

McGee in that span of time has become a husband… a father (to twins, whom apparently no one on the cast can name!)… and a lead agent, in the wake of Tony DiNozzo’s May 2016 departure. And yet there is still at least one more major life event on tap for Tim, when the next NCIS episode reveals a heretofore-unknown relative!

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In “The Plan” (airing Monday, March 25), McGee finds himself in a tailspin when DNA results reveal a close relative he was unaware of. Elsewhere, the team — with the help of Jess’ father, Special Agent in Charge Feng Zhao (played by The Oath‘s Russell Wong) — works to unravel the mystery of a recently used service weapon belonging to a missing agent.

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NCIS 1000th Episode Spoilers Date

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Speaking with Murray at a recent, on-set celebration of the franchise’s 1,000th overall episode, TVLine invited the series’ longest-running “original” cast member (he debuted in Episode 7, as recurring) to tease the imminent shaking of McGee’s family tree; watch video Q&A above.

Murray then talked up the aforementioned milestone episode, which airs as the April 15 NCIS and will feature “fun” Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes for longtime fans to discover.

Closing out the video Q&A, we sprung on Murray our “NCIS Pop Quiz!,” testing his familiarity with Gibbs’ rules, the CBS shows that aired after NCIS back in 2003, and more.

What final Q surprisingly stumped McGee’s portrayer? (And what playfully choice words did he have for the co-stars who could not for the life of them name either of Tim and Delilah’s children?) Press play above and enjoy!

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