All Of The Necessary 'Barbie' Tributes You Might Have Missed At The 2024 Oscars

barbie oscars tributes
All Of The Necessary 'Barbie' Oscar Tributes FREDERIC J. BROWN - Getty Images

Barbie's Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie might have failed to receive nomination for Best Director and Best Actress, respectively, but the love for the film could be felt in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood at the 2024 Oscars.

On Sunday, March 10, the best of film gathered to celebrate the 96th Academy Awards, and from the get-go Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel began proceedings by referencing the many snubs and, let's face it, snobbery the Barbie film has faced.

While Gerwig and her husband, writer and director Noah Baumbach, received nods for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Robbie received a nomination for Best Picture as a producer under her company LuckyChap Productions, which she co-founded with her husband Tom Ackerley, there was a lot of talk leading up to the Oscars about the lack of recognition for both female powerhouses largely behind the film.

hollywood, california march 10 margot robbie attends the 96th annual academy awards on march 10, 2024 in hollywood, california photo by mike coppolagetty images
Mike Coppola

'Thank you for having me back and congratulations to each and every one of you for making it to the Academy Awards,' the host began his speech. 'And for making it on time. The show, as you know, is starting an hour early this year, but don’t worry, it will still end very, very late. In fact, we’re already five minutes over and I am not joking.

'Now Barbie is a feminist icon, thanks to Greta Gerwig, who many believed deserved to nominated for best director tonight,' he added to cheers from the audience.

'Hold on a second. I know you’re clapping, but you’re the ones who didn’t vote for her, by the way. Don’t act like you had nothing to do with this.'

He concluded the Barbie tribute by adding: 'Ryan and Margot, I want you to know that even if neither one of you wins an Oscar tonight, you both already won something much more important -- the genetic lottery.'

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