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Need a last-minute Mother's Day gift? I'm a pro baker, and these are my picks for moms who love the kitchen

From a trusty KitchenAid stand mixer to the Oprah-approved Always Pan, these home cook essentials all arrive by May 12.

Mother's Day gifts: Ninja Creami, KitchenAid stand mixer, Always Pan, GIR spatula, all on a pink and purple background
Last-minute Mother's Day gifts can still be thoughtful — and the special cook in your life will appreciate these kitchen finds a lot more than yet another generic "World's Best Mom" mug. (Amazon/Walmart)

Treating Mom to breakfast in bed is a fun idea and all, but it can be a little precarious (not to mention, Mom would probably rather sleep in). That said, Mother's Day is quickly approaching — Sunday, May 12 — and if you're still searching for a gift, you'll want to get cookin'. Not literally, though; as a professional baker turned shopping writer, I've rounded up my last-minute Mother's Day gift picks for the mom who loves being in the kitchen. No need to scramble come Saturday!

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You'll find everything from appliances to cookware, with prices that'll suit any budget. From a best-in-class KitchenAid stand mixer (that happens to be on sale) to the spatula Giada De Laurentiis swears by, these are the tools I would be happy to give or receive; I even use many of them myself. Now Mom will be able to make the brunch of her dreams — once she's hit "Snooze," of course.

Note: As of the time of publishing, these items are all expected to arrive by Mother's Day, either with regular or expedited shipping. That said, delivery times may vary depending on your location. For even more ideas, be sure to check out our roundups of the 25 best Mother's Day gifts for every budget and the 25 best last-minute Mother's Day gifts.

I used to bake for a living, and my trusty KitchenAid stand mixer is my go-to appliance. Cake batters, cookie doughs, breads, frostings, meringues — you name it, I've probably made it using this mighty machine. Unlike flimsier mixers, this one was built to last (there's a reason KitchenAids are often passed down from one generation to the next). At 4.5 quarts, it can hold enough dough to make up to eight dozen cookies at a time, and it won't take up much room in Mom's kitchen. Oh, and she'll get a beater, dough hook and whisk attachments for making practically any baked good under the sun. Snag it while it's $90 off!

"Everything about this KitchenAid Classic mixer exhibits all the quality I've come to expect from KitchenAid!" exclaimed an impressed baker. "I love the look and the way it performs. I'd never used a dough hook before, but this weekend I made three big batches of rolls, and I will never go back to kneading by hand. Very pleased overall and highly recommend."

$310 at Walmart
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$330 at Wayfair$330 at Amazon

This multi-use, nonstick beauty just might become Mom's most-utilized piece of cookware, thanks to its thoughtful design (which has attracted celebs like Selena Gomez and Oprah, by the way). The ceramic coating is slick and free of PFAS, while the handle smartly doubles as a spoon rest. Speaking of utensils, it comes with a wooden spatula and metal steamer basket that can be used as a colander, and it's oven-safe up to 450°F for added versatility. 

"So much nicer on my wrists than my heavy pans," gushed a satisfied buyer. "Absolutely nothing sticks. So excited to add color back into my kitchen as well. I will say, the pan holds a lot more than it appears and is perfect for most meals."

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$110 at Nordstrom
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$150 at Amazon$150 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Thanks to this wildly popular machine, Mom can enjoy frozen treats at home in between visits from the Good Humor truck. It churns out everything from ice cream and sorbet to milkshakes and more — she'll just add her ingredients, freeze overnight, press a button and ta-da! Plus, she'll be able to customize her creations with her favorite mix-ins. Bonus? This is just about as low as I've seen it on sale for.

"I am dairy-free, and finding a delicious dairy-free ice cream has been extremely difficult for me," explained a (now) satisfied scooper. "Now I'm able to make my favorite flavors at home dairy-free! It's super easy to use [and] cleans easily ... my only complaint is it sounds like an airplane, it's so loud."

Check out our full Ninja Creami review for more. 

$149 at Walmart

Move over, Joseph — it's time to make room for Mom and the Amazing Technicolor Knife Set! Slicing and dicing will be infinitely more fun, thanks to this bright collection from Cuisinart. She'll get an 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch serrated bread knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 6.5-inch utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife and protective sheaths for each.

One happy reviewer wrote: "This knife set made me a pro in the kitchen. ... They cut like butter. They wash like glass. ... I actually purchased these knives for my husband and my son. My husband is the cook in the house, and my son is learning. I wanted them to have good stuff to use and no more of that cheap junk that you have to saw to cut meat. These knives cut in one little slice. Now I'm in the kitchen cutting up stuff, probably for no good reason."

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$22 at Amazon

Whether Mom wants to keep her new favorite knives nicely honed or help her old blades get their grooves back, this No. 1 bestselling sharpener is up to the task. Equipped with three slots for sharpening, repairing, straightening and polishing, it'll take her dull knives from obsolete to like-new in just a few swipes. Plus, it comes with a handy cut-resistant glove to spare her from painful nicks.

One satisfied cook shared: "I've had my poor chef knife in a drawer and over the last year it's gotten dull and has a small dent on the blade. I just got this sharpener and used the three steps. And I've gotta say, I'm impressed. I managed to cut through paper after doing the three-step sharpening. It's like the knife is brand-new. For the ease of use, I would recommend anyone get this for their home."

$10 at Amazon

This ain't your momma's spatula — but it should be! After all, Giada herself said she "can't live without" it. So, what sets it apart from the rest? For starters, it strikes just the right balance between being stiff enough to work through thick doughs and batters, yet flexible enough to get into the corners of bowls and pans to ensure everything gets mixed evenly (and scraped out). Its slim profile allows it to fit into tough-to-reach places, like inside Mom's food processor's bowl, and because it's made of platinum-grade silicone that's heat-resistant up to 550°F, she doesn't have to worry about it melting if she accidentally leaves it in a hot pan. This won't scratch the coatings of her pots and pans, and its grippy handle allows for more confident stirring. 

"I bought this per the recommendation of someone I met at a local kitchen and cookware store, and I love it!" gushed a five-star fan. "Great for daily cooking as well as baking. I don’t have to worry about plastic or other material spatulas melting on the side of a pan. It’s easy to clean and feels durable. I love that it’s got some bend/flex, but enough stiffness that it’s extremely versatile. I would be shocked if I needed to replace it anytime in the next several years, and I cook/bake regularly."

$13 at Amazon

Le Creuset who? I cook with Lodge Dutch ovens at home, and this one is just the right size for a smaller household. The slick enameled interior cleans like a dream, while the sturdy cast iron offers excellent heat distribution and retention. Mom can use it for stews, soups, pastas, braises and more; plus, it's so pretty that she won't mind leaving it on the stove for everyone to admire. 

"Don't tell my KitchenAid mixer, but I think I love this more," joked a reviewer. "I'm Greek and cook a lot. I've used this for everything from pasta dishes like manestra to frying keftedes (meatballs) — [I've] even used [it] to bake bread! It's a great item for one-pot meals. While it gets plenty hot because it's cast iron, the enamel makes deglazing and cleaning a breeze. I use mostly silicone and wooden tools, but even with metal utensils, I haven't had any chips. ... Lodge is a great brand for those of us who can't quite afford Le Creuset."

Check out my full Lodge Dutch oven review for more. 

$70 at Amazon

Every home cook needs a durable pair of oven mitts (i.e. not Mom's hole-covered pair), and these No. 1 bestsellers are heat-resistant up to 500°F, thanks to their silicone coatings. Not only that, their ribbed design offers better grip than cloth mitts, and they're water-resistant to protect Mom's hands from hot splatters. They come in over 20 colors, though prices vary. 

"These oven mitts are a game-changer in my kitchen," declared a shopper. "The ribbed silicone design provides a secure grip on hot pots and pans, giving me confidence when handling them. The soft inner lining is comfortable to wear and provides excellent heat protection. I appreciate that they are flexible and allow for easy movement of my hands, unlike some other oven mitts that can feel stiff and bulky. Plus, the set comes with two mitts, so I always have a backup when one is in the wash."

$14 at Amazon

Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis and even Reese Witherspoon use Boos Block cutting boards, so you know you're getting Mom a quality piece. Having a large slab like this will allow her to prep multiple ingredients on the same surface, and it's reversible in case she'd like to separate vegetables from meat. The indented handles on each side make for easier carrying too. 

"Terrific cutting board," raved one happy home cook. "I have the tiniest kitchen in my apartment, and after watching some organizing videos, I realized I should make my small counter space completely covered by this sturdy cutting board. Why bother storing those dinky bamboo cutting boards when my complete surface is usable for food prep!"

$125 at Amazon
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$125 at Sur La Table$125 at Lowe's

If you're looking for a durable option that's less of a splurge, this sleek, non-porous board is the one you'll find in Cameron Diaz's kitchen. It swaps plastic for a more eco-friendly and health-conscious paper composite material (bye-bye, microplastics), and at just 5 grams it's extremely lightweight. Plus, it can withstand heat up to 350°F, making it ideal for using as a trivet. 

"My good knives were not holding their edge until I threw out the plastic and bamboo cutting boards and started using Epicurean boards exclusively," shared a happy buyer. "It's made such a big difference in how often I need to hone or sharpen my knives."

$22 at Amazon
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$27 at Epicurean$27 at Abt Electronics

These insulated mugs caught the attention of Oprah, who included them on her Favorite Things 2023 list. "Is lukewarm tea anyone’s favorite? I don’t think so," she says. (And we're inclined to agree.) She continues: "Two sisters created this shapely double-walled design that keeps coffee, tisanes and hot chocolate warm to the very last drop." Oprah-approved, affordable and Mom is sure to adore them. 

"My grandma and I wanted to feel like the Hallmark Christmas characters with their clear hot cocoa mugs," shared one happy sipper. "These are great! Warms up hot in the microwave, but not hot to hold because of the double wall. Highly recommend as a gift!"

$25 at Amazon

Give Mom's hands a break by way of the No. 1 bestselling chopper that tens of thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by. She'll place her vegetable of choice over one of the dice blades fitted to the chopper (it comes with one large and one small), press the lever down and bam: She'll have perfectly cubed produce that falls right into the attached storage container, keeping messes off her counter. In addition to a dicing blade, the Fullstar comes with spiral and ribbon blades (zoodles, anyone?) and there's a finger guard to help protect against painful nicks and cuts.

"Impressive!" said one happy home cook. "It makes chopping up small veggies like baby carrots, onions and celery a breeze! I'm a senior now with arthritis, and this really helps speed things up in the kitchen while giving my achy hands and fingers a break from the rigors of manually chopping up everything."

$25 at Amazon

While I'd like to think that knowing I own and adore this No. 1 bestseller would inspire you to give it to Mom, I'll admit — the fact that Ina Garten is a fan probably makes it more appealing. It's made of durable cast iron that'll last for years, comes pre-seasoned and can withstand heat from any cooktop (it can even be used over a fire). Nothing's better when it comes to achieving the perfect sear on your meat, and I can say from personal experience that it makes the best pancakes too.

"It's already seasoned and I love that!" wrote a Lodge loyalist. "It is my favorite pan now. It’s pretty, so I leave it sitting on my stove all the time. Nothing is sticking to it and it's super easy to clean, has great heat distribution and is excellent quality. This will be passed down for generations."

Check out my full Lodge Cast Iron Skillet review for more. 

$20 at Amazon

Does Mom have a bit of a Starbucks obsession? It'll be more like Star-(pass the)-buck once she gets a load of this powerful device, which will have her whipping up and enjoying foamy beverages in no time. Let's be real — the appeal of a cappuccino starts dwindling the longer one waits in that chaotic a.m. line, and why shell out for something that's so easy to make at home?

"So easy to use to make a cafe au lait or cappuccino," wrote a caffeine fiend. "I have also used it to whip eggs quickly for fluffy omelets. If you like frothy milk, save yourself the $5 coffees — this thing pays for itself."

Check out our full Zulay Kitchen Milk Frother review for more. 

$8 at Amazon

Grease most certainly will not be the word if Mom has this on her counter. I reach for this oil mister practically every time I cook, since it coats my pans with just enough fat to keep my food from sticking. It literally never clogs, unlike the pump versions my mom used in the '90s, and it's really aesthetically pleasing with its gold design. 

"I bought an oil mister from a different brand that was constantly clogging, dripping and generally making a mess," shared another Flairosol fan. "I finally gave up and tried the Olivia oil mister, and man did it make a difference. First, one or two sprays absolutely coats a pan or veggies or whatever with your oil of choice ... and it has shown no signs of slowing down or clogging. The best part? It doesn't drip or make a mess. It's very easy to fill, and despite the plastic top not being the most sturdy thing I've ever seen, it seems durable enough."

Check out my full Flairosol Olivia Oil Sprayer review for more. 

$23 at Amazon

Mom's dinner guests will be green with envy when they spot this emerald stunner on her counter. But as pretty as this mini machine is, the most exciting feature just might be the fact that it's cordless, meaning Mom won't have to unplug the toaster and coffee maker every time she goes to use it. 

"I was a little skeptical if a battery-powered chopper would stand up to my corded chopper," admitted a convert. "The answer is yes ... With style, convenience and power, KitchenAid does it again. I also really appreciate the 'splash guard' and how effective it is. And I’m shocked [by] how quiet it is. The battery is pretty quick to charge and easy to remove from chopper."

$70 at Target

We spotted this slightly retro, yet modern stainless steel toaster in Eva Longoria's kitchen — and no wonder, it's gorgeous! Of course, whoever designed this appliance knew that looks aren't everything: Each pair of slots has its own control panel that can be programmed to a different doneness level, making everyone in Mom's house happy while saving time on busy mornings. There are six settings to choose from, along with Bagel, Defrost and Reheat modes — plus, the 1.5-inch-wide slots can accommodate everything from waffles to pastries.

"My husband and I disagree on how long bread should be toasted," shared a happy shopper. "This toaster gives us each two slices done the way we'd like. I love the 'cancel' button so I can quickly eject the bread when it begins to smell 'toasty,' no matter what the temperature is set for. Easy-clean stainless steel makes it a breeze to keep shiny."

$70 at Amazon

Drinking coffee or tea on the go has never been this innovative — it's a straw that filters out grounds and leaves while Mom sips! Not only will it allow her to enjoy a cuppa from just about anywhere, its silicone tip helps cool down piping-hot liquids before they reach her lips. Plus, it's way quicker than setting up the whole coffee maker — and just think of all the money it'll save her on disposable filters.

"I love this product — not just for traveling," wrote one caffeine consumer. "It's perfect for a quick cup of coffee, mate or herbal tea at home, with much less cleanup than a French press or coffee pot. No counter space required!"

$28 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.