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Need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift? These cult-favorite Amazon finds last longer than chocolate

valentine's day gift ideas: fire tv stick, digital kitchen thermometer, mascara
Need a Valentine's Day gift (or five)? These Amazon faves will please all kinds of recipients, and the prices are right. (Amazon)

Attention, procrastinators: We're less than a week away from V-Day. But don't panic: There's still time to get a thoughtful last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your loved ones by Feb. 14, thanks to trusty ol' Amazon Prime. We've rounded up a selection of goodies mined from Yahoo readers' favorite products, from the whimsical (check out this succulent Lego kit) to the practical (instant-read kitchen thermometer, anyone?). These cult-favorite Amazon finds aren't just top-rated by customers, they’re also affordable at under $45 each. You might even find a little something for yourself.

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A word of advice: Shipping estimates can always change, so if something catches your eye, don't wait too long. Better to add it to your cart now — otherwise, you may get stuck making a last-minute run to the drugstore for a generic box of chocolates.

Best Valentine's Day beauty gifts

We know, we know — a skin-care product made with snail mucin sounds a little ... strange. But this No. 1 bestseller has over 55,000 perfect ratings for a reason. Even our beauty editor swears by it (check out her full CosRx review). This hydrating serum is lightweight for quick absorption and helps soothe dry skin for a more radiant complexion.

"I'm 50 with combination skin, sometimes new products cause me to break out," wrote Beauty Editor Jennifer Romolini. "But this snail mucin was ultra-gentle, making it easy to rotate into my skin-care routine. It literally felt like I had nothing on. Over the course of my two-week trial, I layered it under sunscreen during the day and under moisturizer at night. By the end, it had already improved the texture of my skin, particularly my crow's feet and the fine lines on my cheeks."

$13 at Amazon

Dark circles and puffy bags, be gone! These top-selling under-eye masks are formulated with vitamins to help firm and brighten that delicate skin in as little as 20 minutes, according to the brand, and they're on sale for under 50 cents a pair. 

"I’m 53 years old and have tried a dozen and one masks," shared one impressed user. "I was shocked after I removed these. My puffiness, bags were gone. My skin felt so tight under my eyes. Will keep these in stock. Also, I keep these in my mini skin refrigerator and lord, these feel so good cold."

$10 at Amazon

This $5 mascara has skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to its insanely low price tag and volumizing, lengthening effect. Falsies who? Plus, its hundreds of thousands of five-star reviewers say it helps define lashes without clumps. 

"I have to say, this cone-shaped fiber brush really did live up to the product claims that it sculpts individual lashes effortlessly," wrote one Yahoo Life editor. "No need for any glob control. My lashes looked dramatically lifted with plenty of volume that lasted all day without any flaking or smudging. It seriously gives the look of instant false lashes, which is great because I hate fighting with lash glue. Apply one coat of this stuff and you're good to go, or you can amp it up with two to three coats for a seriously extra voluminous look."

$5 at Amazon

These top-rated satin pillowcases don't just look snazzy, their smooth surface also helps prevent skin from creasing and hair from amassing split-ends. They come in 35 colors and five sizes — and at this price, get a few sets!

"No 'bedhead' or wrinkles," reported a satisfied sleeper. "This satin pillowcase keeps my hair from being a mess in the morning and prevents wrinkling and facial lines. Cotton pillows always left marks and lines on my face, and this satin pillowcase eliminates all that. Inexpensive satin pillowcase outperforms 400-count cotton pillowcases at a fraction of the cost."

$7 at Amazon

Best Valentine's Day tech gift

With this one device, the tech-lover in your life will have access to every streaming service out there, so they can effortlessly enjoy over a million movies and TV episodes. Plus, they'll be able to use Alexa voice control to search for their favorites — easy breezy. 

"This is the easiest way to make an old TV new again!" exclaimed a verified shopper. "My sister had a 60-inch TV and talked about getting rid of it because it didn't [have] internet like the newer TVs. I told her, let me buy you a Amazon Fire Stick and you'll be able to get all the channels and apps you get on your other TVs! She loves it and goes to bed watching her favorite shows in her bedroom and didn't have to buy another TV."

$22 at Amazon

Comparing the Fire HD 8 tablet to a Kindle is a bit like comparing a commuter sedan with a sports car — they'll both get you from point A to point B, but one does it in style. An entertainment beast, this speedy tablet comes with 13 hours of battery life, 2GB of RAM and up to 64GB of onboard storage. The Fire HD 8 tablet works as a Kindle if you want to read, but you can also browse the web, stream Netflix, and a whole lot more. Oh, and did we mention it's down to just $55 instead of $100? There are bundles to check out, too.

"Bought this for my 82-year-old mother," shared a grateful daughter. "This is the second one I have purchased for her. She literally wore the first one out. She is an avid reader but does not want anything too bulky to carry. This is the perfect size and weight and is friendly enough for her to use. This item gets a big thumbs-up in my book!"

$100 at Amazon

Best Valentine's Day gift for kids (and fun adults)

Plants that don't involve any dirt — or maintenance, for that matter? Sign us up! This gorgeous botanical Lego kit includes nine succulents that are just as fun to build as they are to admire after completion. It's a No. 1 bestseller for a reason — and kids will love putting it together just as much as adults. 

"I got this as a gift for my BF for Valentine’s Day," shared a reviewer. "It was perfect for many reasons. 1) Nostalgia — we both loved playing with Legos as a kid. 2) Succulents — we have collected real succulents but haven’t had the best of luck keeping them alive, so felt this was a fun alternative. 3) Great gift idea and awesome date night activity — simple, affordable, yet thoughtful and entertaining! Although this collection is marketed towards adults, this product is perfectly fine for children who are old enough to play with Legos."

$40 at Amazon

Best Valentine's Day kitchen gifts

Your favorite culinary whiz will never have a dull moment in the kitchen again, thanks to this No. 1 bestselling knife sharpener. Equipped with three slots for sharpening, repairing, straightening and polishing, it'll take their old blades from obsolete to like new in just a few swipes. Plus, it comes with a handy cut-resistant glove to spare them from painful nicks.

"This is an incredible tool," raved a happy home cook. "Five-year-old expensive knives that I knew were dull feel like new — I didn’t realize how bad they were until I cut an onion right after sharpening them with this tool. Amazing."

$10 at Amazon

When it comes to knowing whether dinner is done, taking its temperature is the most accurate way to find out. This top-seller gives a reading in mere seconds, and even has a magnet for sticking onto the fridge. 

"Professional chef here," wrote a content cook. "Everything like a cake or bread could be tested, and you can cook with confidence and precision. Great design and no fuss. Seems like it will last as well ... Exactly what I was looking for."

$13 at Amazon

Best practical Valentine's Day gifts

I can personally vouch for this top-rated battery-powered scrubber, which would make a fun but practical Valentine's Day gift for any cleaning enthusiast. Not only does it minimize the amount of elbow grease needed for busting away grime, but it's also compact enough to fit into hard-to-reach corners and crevices. It's especially effective when it comes to tackling messy grout. 

Check out my full Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber review for more.

$22 at Amazon

Love them, but not their messy car? This No. 1 bestselling car trash can will keep crumpled napkins and fast food containers at bay. It has a leakproof lining to help prevent spills, and it's equipped with mesh pockets for storing snacks, wipes and other travel essentials. 

"I have had many different trash cans for my car over the years," wrote a satisfied shopper. "This is the best one ever! It is sturdy, trash does not fall out and it's easy to change out the bag. Very much worth every penny spent!"

$10 at Amazon

And if their car floor is covered in crumbs, it's this No. 1 bestselling car vacuum to the rescue. Weighing just 2.4 pounds, it's easy to maneuver, whether they're using it to zap up pet hair from the seats, fast food remnants on the floor or the layer of dust blanketing the dashboard. It comes with three attachments for targeting different types of spaces and messes, and its 16-foot cord reaches the trunk. This model even has a handy light and HEPA filter to help purify the air.

"This is the best auto vacuum I have used," wrote an impressed customer. "It gets the things that other vacuums have not, like the fine dust that collects on the dash and console. The attachments seem built for a car, as does the design and shape of this machine. Kudos to the design engineers. ThisWorx is well named because it does."

$30 at Amazon

If you're the culprit behind your home's clogged shower drain, save your spouse a headache with this nifty gizmo. The TubShroom is an icon for a reason — it goes right into the drain so it can collect stray hairs that would otherwise clog the pipes. Genius! No more shelling out for pricey visits from the plumber. 

"Great for [a] household with three females with long hair and two men with chest and leg hair," raved a reviewer. "We hate digging hair out of the drain after our showers, knowing tons got missed and will damage the pipes later down the line! This little charm is awesome, collects the hair around the bumps and is easily collected after each shower. Still kind of yucky to gather the hair, but I feel like it will save us money with a plumber in the future by keeping the hair from getting down the drain!"

$12 at Amazon

Give the gift of goo with this No. 1 bestselling cleaning gel that'll actually make them enjoy dusting. It gets into those tough areas like car cup holders, keyboard keys, remote buttons ... and the list goes on. Plus, it's reusable!

"Easy to use, doesn't fall apart or leave any small pieces or residue," shared a happy shopper. "It cleaned even the smallest corners on the console of my car. I was afraid a small piece would break off when I smashed it into the edges at the bottom of the cup holder, but it came out completely intact every time. Worked wonders on my computer keyboard. Amazing product! Great stocking stuffer!"

$7 at Amazon

Best Valentine's Day gift for grandparents

At just about half a pound, this popular grabber tool is like an ultra-lightweight arm extender — and what it lacks in heft, it certainly makes up for in usefulness. The durable metal rod extends as far as 32 inches and folds down for space-saving storage. It features texturized rubber end grips equipped with magnets for lifting items small and large, and it's also great for picking up leaves and trash in the yard, no painful bending or straining required.

"I’m 71 with serious back issues that keep me from bending over much at all," wrote an impressed shopper. "These grabbers have helped me literally hundreds of times over the four months I’ve owned them. I have picked up everything from a vitamin E gelcap to a can of tomatoes. Highly recommended and will buy again whenever I wear these out."

$9 at Amazon

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