'Needs to be kicked out': Fans fume over NFL bad boy's cheap shot

Fans have called on the NFL to take strong action against notorious Cincinnati enforcer Vontaze Burfict after his latest cheap shot for the Bengals.

Burfict had no interest in speaking to reporters after another dodgy hit left NFL fans fuming on social media.

The Bengals linebacker found himself at the centre of another controversy during the Bengals’ Week 6 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the play in question, Burfict appeared to lower his elbow into Antonio Brown’s helmet late and after the Steelers man was well and truly wrapped up.

Burfict could be punished for his latest cheap shot in the NFL. Pic: Getty

Supporters were quick to condemn Burfict over the incident on social media.

Brown left the game briefly but made a quick return to play a key role in the win.

As fate had it, the superstar wideout ended up being responsible for the last-second touchdown that gave the Steelers the 28-21 win.

Following the game, Burfict wasn’t eager to talk to reporters.

He avoided giving interviews in the locker room, instead telling media to “get your ass out of our locker room,” according to NBC Sports.

Burfict then left the locker room without speaking to anyone.

Brown got the last laugh after coming up with the winning play for the Steelers. Pic: Getty

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis avoided questions about the hit as well.

Brown also didn’t say much about whether he thought Burfict’s hit was a dirty play.

Burfict could face punishment even though he wasn’t flagged on the play. The league reviews tape following each game. If the NFL determines Burfict intentionally tried to hit Brown in the head, he could face a fine or a suspension.

It may not help that Burfict hasn’t kept his intentions about injuring players on the Steelers a secret. He’s liked plenty of tweets about taking out JuJu Smith-Schuster during the offseason.

The Bengals are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7.

It’s unclear whether Burfict will take the field with them after the NFL reviews his tape from Week 6.

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