Neighbours' shocking discovery after hearing cries in apartment stairwell

The student kept her pregnancy a secret and reportedly dumped the baby out of "panic".

A pregnant student gave birth to her baby before abandoning it in her apartment block's fire escape, where she was discovered by stunned neighbours.

The young woman, 19, delivered the child outside her home in Thailand's Nonthaburi province, just north of Bangkok, and severed its umbilical cord with a pair of scissors.

She then walked out to the fourth-floor fire escape of the building and left the crying child behind.

Concerned tenants called the police on May 13 when they discovered the distressed baby girl lying on a blood-stained towel with part of its umbilical cord still attached.

A newborn baby lies on a towel on a concrete stairwell after being abandoned by her mother.
Neighbours found the newborn crying on a blood-stained towel in the stairwell. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

The newborn was taken to the Pak Kret Irrigation Hospital and is now safe.

Officers later tracked down the girl's mum – a university pupil living in the condo.

The teenager, who was not named by police, allegedly admitted to giving birth to the baby on her own and abandoning it out of panic.

She reportedly kept her pregnancy a secret from family and friends, excusing her belly growth by saying she 'has a naturally large stomach'.

Paramedics look over a newborn baby girl who was abandoned by her mum in a stairwell.
The baby girl is now being cared for in hospital. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

Her boyfriend, Nattawut, 19, also a college pupil, works at a convenience store and claimed he was unaware they were having a child. He said he noticed his lover's weight gain, but simply blamed it on her menstrual cycle.

"My girlfriend probably left the baby on the fire escape because she was worried I wouldn't accept it since I'm still a student," he said.

Nattawut's mum Chadaporn, 53, also claimed she did not know about the pregnancy, but said she had her suspicions about the girl's sudden weight gain.

Chadaporn told officers the girl later confessed to her and asked her not to tell her father about the baby.

The child is now out of danger and is being monitored at the Pak Kret Irrigation Hospital.

- Viral Press/Australscope

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