Neo-Nazi Soldier Jailed for Bomb Plot Stages Creepy Protest at Drag Story Hour

Riley County Police Department
Riley County Police Department

A 28-year-old neo-Nazi and former U.S. soldier who was recently imprisoned for sharing car bomb-making guides on Facebook protested a children’s story hour run by two drag performers last month in Sanford, North Carolina, according to Raw Story. Jarrett William Smith reportedly wore a skull mask and a shirt that read, “Support your local Einsatz-Kommando,” a reference to the Nazi German mobile killing squads who targeted Jews, political enemies, and other groups. A Raw Story reporter witnessed Smith, who was released from prison in November 2021, leading five masked men to the edge of a parking lot behind the yoga studio where the story hour was taking place and confronting a group of LGBTQ+ advocates stationed nearby to protect the building. Smith held a bullhorn and shouted, “If you sit around wearing sexual-fetish gear to give yourself sexual pleasure, and you require the presence of children in order to attain that sexual pleasure, you are a pedophile!” After one LGBTQ+ supporter told him to back off, he called them a “f—-t.” Smith—who was arrested in 2019 after discussing plans to attack various left-leaning organizations and people, including former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke—could not be reached for comment by Raw Story.

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