Is Netflix down on Sky? Users complain that streaming service isn't working

Are you still able to watch shows like Stranger Things? (Netflix)
Are you still able to watch shows like Stranger Things? (Netflix)

If you’re having trouble watching Netflix on Sky, you’re not alone.

The popular pay TV provider has admitted that some customers can’t currently access the streaming service on its set-top boxes and TVs.

“We're aware that some customers when launching Netflix will see a spinning red circle. We have the right teams working to get this resolved as soon as possible,” Sky posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday, November 14.

Sky began offering customers full access to the Netflix app through their single Sky subscription in 2018, rather than having to pay Netflix separately. The combined offering means viewers can choose from Netflix shows like The Crown and Stranger Things alongside Sky Originals and HBO shows like Brassic and House of the Dragon.

But binge watches appear to have been cut short for some people due to a persistent technical glitch.

Sky customers have been complaining of the issue since June, according to a post on the company’s community support forum.

Some users claim to have unsuccessfully tried multiple fixes for the issue, which still appears to unresolved.

“I am constantly getting the loading page for Netflix and it just doesn't load! Have tried unplugging, have tried the hidden apps refresh, nothing is working, it's getting ridiculous now,” wrote one Sky customer in late July.

“I'm having the same problem! Have done for weeks. Every other day I have to go through the process of switching the box off at the wall and waiting for it to reload – or try refreshing the apps,” stated another customer in mid-August.

They continued: “And its 50/50 whether either of those things work. Very annoying to not be able to reliably use the service we're paying for! Feels like a weird glitch Sky needs to fix.”

How to fix Netflix on Sky

While Sky is directing users on X to a generic help page, there may be a more direct solution for the issue.

Writing on the company’s help forum in late September, a Sky employee offered the following steps to address the problem.

  • First, login to Netflix on the web instead of on Sky

  • Now, click on My Account and scroll to the bottom

  • Select “Test Participation” and, if the feature is on, turn it off

  • Now, go to the Netflix app on your Sky box to see if it is loading.

Seeing as Sky has said that it is searching for a fix, this solution may not have worked for customers. But, it’s worth trying out if you haven’t yet.