Niall Horan convinced Lewis Capaldi to play golf

Niall Horan has bought Lewis Capaldi a set of golf clubs.
The 29-year-old pop star - who is a long-time golf enthusiastic - has managed to convince his showbiz pal to start playing the game.
Niall - who shot to fame as part of One Direction - told Scott Mills on BBC Radio 2: "He said to me, 'I’ll never play golf, it’s an old man’s sport and it’s the worst sport ever.' And then about eight weeks later he was asking me where he could get a set of golf clubs, so I got him a set ... and I went to his gig a few weeks ago and I brought them with me and now every day he posts golf videos.
"He’s actually posting more about golf than I do and that’s saying something. He just texted me this morning saying ,'I need to work on my balance.' He’s actually got a really good swing - [I'm] not even making him feel good about it - he’s actually good."
Despite his love of golf, Niall previously claimed that he hopes he's still touring when he's 70.
The chart-topping star - who joined One Direction back in 2010 - revealed he'd love to be playing stadium gigs in his 70s, like his mentors Sir Elton John and Don Henley.
He told the BBC: "I'd absolutely love to be there if the people will have me around. That's what you want. You strive for legendary status and if you get it, you get it, and if you don't, well at least you tried."
Niall is also determined to deliver "value for money" for his fans.
He said: "I'm big on value for money - and there's nothing worse than going to a gig and looking at someone that's tired or bored.
"I have to perform for like an hour and 40 minutes, so I can't [go partying] every night. I'll be in the gym every day and Lewis said he's doing the same, so it's gonna be the chilled out version of us."