Nicki Minaj reacts to wardrobe malfunction mid-concert: 'My whole boob was out'

The “Super Bass” rapper later scolded concertgoers for not warning her about the nip slip.

Not every performance goes off without a hitch — sometimes there’s a nip slip.

Nicki Minaj suffered such a wardrobe malfunction during her Orlando, Florida concert on March 22. In fan-recorded videos shared on social media, the rapper paused her performance of "The Night is Still Young" to invite fans to the mic.

While she passed around the microphone for fans to chime in on the chorus, Minaj noticed her dress slipping off her shoulders.

“Do not play with me,” Minaj warns, before handing one of her Barbz the mic. The wardrobe malfunction came a moment later, after the rapper snatched the mic back from the fan, unimpressed with their performance. The movement caused the strap of her dress to fall, exposing her breast.

<p>Scott Dudelson/Getty</p> Nicki Minaj

Scott Dudelson/Getty

Nicki Minaj

Minaj caught the dress as she prepared to hand the mic to another concertgoer, but became distracted reprimanding a fan who was filming her: “Put your phone down and live in the moment,” she says and then laughs. After handing the mic over, she finally realized how far the dress had slipped and reacted with shock.

The video shows Minaj mouthing, “Oh my God, my boob” with wide eyes before pulling up the fabric. Once again at the mic, the “Super Bass” rapper let fans know that they’re in big trouble.

“Meanwhile my boob is out and no one f---ing told me. Thanks Barbz,” she jokes. “My whole boob was out! See that’s what I get for talking about people.”

Minaj spent the rest of the video holding up her dress as she paced the stage for her next volunteer. “Who can sing?” she asks the crowd, making it clear that whoever dares to approach the mic be sure of their abilities. “I’m not doing this tonight, I’m not playing with y’all!”

Earlier this month, Minaj kicked off her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. Aside from this momentary wardrobe malfunction, the rapper isn't kidding when it comes to her onstage outfits: the arena tour sees her donning a wide range of glamorous looks that run the gamut from a chrome breastplate to hot pink faux fur.

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