Nicki Minaj is released after Amsterdam arrest for allegedly 'carrying drugs': Reports

Nicki Minaj has apparently been released after being arrested in Amsterdam on Saturday, according to reports by multiple outlets. Footage from an Instagram Live by Minaj showed her exchange with an officer. It was then recorded and posted on X by various fan accounts.

Multiple reports state that Minaj's release was seemingly confirmed by Amsterdam police in a post on the agency's X account in Dutch although her name was not mentioned. In English it reads: "We have just released a 41-year-old American woman who we arrested this afternoon at Schiphol on suspicion of exporting soft drugs. After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, the suspect was fined and can continue her journey."

The 12-time Grammy nominee appeared to be detained after a video, lasting over three minutes, shows the rapper discussing her apparent arrest with an Amsterdam police officer, who said the star is being detained "because you're carrying drugs" after she asked why she was being arrested.

The "Anaconda" rapper responded by saying "I'm not carrying drugs." Minaj continued the conversation by telling the officer "I need a lawyer present" and "no, I need a lawyer present now" when the officer told her to get in a vehicle. The officer then appeared to say, "we'll get (you to) next show." Minaj responded and said, "you're talking about my show? What about it?" according to an apparent Instagram Live posted from the rapper's own page.

USA TODAY has reached out to reps for Minaj. In a emailed statement to USA TODAY, Amsterdam Police said "we cannot provide information on persons older than 18 years. This is because of the data privacy law. Therefore, we cannot confirm anything."

Minaj was slated to perform in Manchester, England on Saturday, according to her official tour website. But that has now been postponed due to the incident, according to reports.

Arrest follows X posts claiming Amsterdam airport security was trying to 'sabotage' her world tour

The star first made noise earlier Saturday before her alleged arrest after claiming apparent Amsterdam Airport Schiphol officials were trying to "sabotage" her tour.

In a lengthy series of X posts, she took aim at the airport saying, "they've been trying everything they can to TRY to stop this tour" and adding, "they took my luggage & when I asked where it is they said it's on the plane. It couldn't have been, I just pulled up." Minaj added that "this is how they plant things on your luggage."

The rap superstar is currently on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour and was en route to Manchester, her next tour stop, when the incident took place.

She posted a nearly one-minute-long video of herself discussing the luggage issue with an airport official, who appeared to be an apparent airport security guard that said they want to "open" her bags. Later, Minaj posted that "they said they found weed." As she noted in a previous X post, marijuana is legal in Amsterdam.

Minaj explained that the alleged luggage issue was happening because "they" try to make her book a new plane "every time" and added that she "fired mngmnt who I found out for years were adding on 30-50K on my jet & pocketing it." Minaj also said she fired a tour manager recently for the same thing and continued, saying "their goal is to make me late, & to pocket 40K."

"They’re being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it’s this successful & they can’t eat off me. They got caught stealing money from my travel/jets. Got fired. Got mad. Etc," Minaj wrote on X.

Minaj also reposted a post on X by a fan suggesting that the bag checks are being done to further sabotage the star.

"The odds that this happens before an international flight right after Nickis announcement for the second leg of her US tour is suspect. The opps are really out here. There is not one single person that can convince me otherwise. The proof is in the second bag check," the user said.

Nicki Minaj airline, airport posts on X follow Megan Thee Stallion rant from earlier this year

In addition to this spat with airport officials, Minaj is known for her public feuds with other female rappers including Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. Earlier this year, she lashed out at Megan Thee Stallion in a series of tweets and a diss track, "Big Foot."

"Swearing on your dead mother when you lie," Minaj said in one line. "Cause she was lying on your dead momma."

Megan Thee Stallion's Hiss hits No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 amid Nicki Minaj feud

She also told Megan Thee Stallion she "fell off, I said 'get up on your good foot," referencing her Houston-born rival's 2020 shooting by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Later on the track, Minaj raps "like a bodybuilder I keep raisin' the bar" before rhyming and questioning "you get shot with no scar?"

Nicki Minaj's diss track and on X came after her rap peer returned to music with hit single "Hiss" (which followed the similarly reptilian track "Cobra"), rapping that people "don't be mad at Megan," but they're "mad at Megan's Law." Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, and her brother, Jelani Maraj, are registered sex offenders.

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