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Nicola Coughlan, 37, uses this concealer hack for seriously flawless skin

All you need is the fan-favorite Evian facial spray and a Beauty Blender.

I wonder what Lady Whistledown has to say about Nicola's beauty secrets. (Getty)
I wonder what Lady Whistledown has to say about Nicola's beauty secrets. (Getty)

Suppose you (like me) have already rewatched the first part of Bridgerton season three approximately four times while not-so-patiently waiting for part two to drop on June 13. In that case, you're probably seriously enamored with Nicola Coughlan — specifically Nicola Coughlan's skin. While she plays 19-year-old Penelope Featherington on the hit Netflix show, Nicola is 37 in real life. Crazy, right? Luckily for all of us beauty and Bridgerton out there, Nicola revealed her secret to keeping her under-eye concealer flawless through her press tour. Psst: It's only $9 at Amazon.

In a new episode of Vogue's Beauty Secrets, Lady Whistledown shared her skin care and beauty routine, specifically calling out the Evian Facial Spray.

A true powerhouse, the Evian spray hydrates the skin, finishes makeup and works as a pick-me-up throughout the day. 

$9 at Amazon
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After applying the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to her under eyes and eyelids, Nicola takes the Evian Spray and spritzes it not on her face, but onto a Beauty Blender. She then takes the sponge and blends the concealer into her skin. The result? Invisible concealer that's perfectly melted into the skin.

The classic, egg-shaped design of the iconic makeup sponge makes it so easy to apply makeup all over your face. Use the pointed tip to apply and blend your concealer. 

$20 at Amazon
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Known for its radiant, skin-like finish, the viral Nars concealer is lightweight, super easy to blend and offers buildable coverage while still making your skin look like skin. 

$32 at Nars
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It's not just makeup that the Irish actress uses the Evian spray for, she also keeps it with her while traveling around the world. "This is really nice on flights," she explains. "I feel like on flights you just feel so gross when you get off them."

As we learned from Nicola, the water mist is one of the more versatile beauty products you can have in your beauty arsenal — and Amazon shoppers agree. In fact, more than 4,000 shoppers have bought one in the past month. I'm calling it the "Nicola effect."

"[The spray] is the best for morning or evening skin care," explains one five-star reviewer. Could also be used during summertime for a refresh on face makeup applications."

"Around lunch time I need a pick me up for my makeup," shares a happy Amazon customer. "One spray of this and my face not only feels clean, but hydrated and my makeup looks as if I just put it on! Trust me when I say, I've used quite a few different types of facial sprays and none of them compare to this."

Just like Nicola, this shopper never travels without a bottle of the spray: "I travel a lot and my skin and nasal passages get so dried out when I fly. I use it when I’m just feeling a little tired as well." The same shopper added that it lasts "for months" and that they carry it with them wherever they go.

So, if you want your makeup to be as flawless as the Bridgerton star's this summer, I highly suggest that you grab a bottle of the Evian Facial Spray. Of course, her concealer hack isn't the only beauty secret Nicola revealed. Scroll below to shop more of Nicola Coughlan's go-to beauty products, including the dewiest moisturizer and eye cream. As for me? I'll be over here desperately waiting for part two of Bridgerton season three to drop.

Concealer is nothing without an eye cream base. Nicola's product of choice is this hydrating pick from Tatcha. It contains Hadasei-3, which is the brand's signature trio of pure Japanese superfoods, including the detoxifying Uji Green Tea, moisturizing Okinawa maluku algae and protein-rich Akita rice to nourish.

$67 at Tatcha
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According to Nicola, this super-rich moisturizer from Tatcha is "so good under makeup." The purple moisturizer features rice bran and other botanical extracts like algae, thyme and marjoram to intensely hydrate and heal the skin barrier. 

$72 at Tatcha
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This cult-favorite device uses special firming microcurrent technology to reduce the appearance of your jowls, jawline, cheeks, eyebrows and forehead. As Nicola says while using it: "The cheekbones are cheekboning." Apply the included aqua gel or cream activator to your face and run the device over your face once a day. Think of it like a five-minute workout for your face.

$395 at Nuface
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