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Nicole Kidman swears by this haircare brand which makes the best dry shampoo for thinning hair I've ever tried

Vegamour's Gro Dry Shampoo made my ultra-fine, over-50 strands instantly thicker — and it promotes hair growth too

dry shampoo against a colorful background
Vegamour's dry shampoo is especially good for fluffing up thinning hair. (Amazon)

It's not fun to admit this, especially as a beauty editor, but ... I have a problem with my hair. Throughout my 20s and 30s, I had an enviable mop of thick, shiny strands. It was wavy, easy to manage, held up to over-styling when I felt like it, folded into an ample top knot when I didn't. But sometime in my 40s, things began to change. My hair started shedding, a lot. No matter how many shampoos for thinning hair I tried nor which hair growth supplement I swallowed, it still looked dull and limp and sad. But a few weeks ago I finally found my dream middle-aged hair product from the Nicole Kidman approved haircare brand Vegamour, a new (to me) dry shampoo, a product so good it does triple duty — absorbs excess oil, texturizes hair and promotes growth too. Best of all, it made my hair look instantly thicker.

This travel size is the perfect entry point into Vegamour's excellent dry shampoo — it's affordable, compact and a little goes a long way.  

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Why do I need Vegamour's Gro Dry Shampoo?

Here's why: Over the winter, I'd tested dozens of products for our roundup of best dry shampoos, but, honestly, none of them were exactly as good as this new Vegamour discovery, at least for my specific hair needs, at least right now. At 50, my hair is changing rapidly — and I'm far from alone. According to recent studies, nearly half of all women will experience accelerated hair loss during the menopause transition, a condition that is most often attributed to fluctuating hormones but may also be the result of vitamin deficiencies (particularly iron and vitamin D). Hormone therapy can help some women's hair, as can supplemental nutrients (talk to your doctor!). But in the meantime, products like texturizing dry shampoo can give your 'do a bigger, thicker, fuller look. They can also alleviate the need for frequent hair washing, which often leads to breakage and even more loss of fragile strands.

This dry shampoo smells amazing and makes your hair look radiant too. 

$18 at Amazon
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What does Vegamour's Gro Dry Shampoo do?

Actress Nicole Kidman is a fan of Vegamour's hair-growth products (Getty Images)
Actress Nicole Kidman is a fan of Vegamour's hair-growth products (Getty Images)

This product is transformative in a number of ways. Vegamour is an award-winning brand known for its best-selling hair-growth products (its mega-popular hair growth serum is a Nicole Kidman favorite; she's also a brand ambassador and investor). The company's dry shampoo is formulated with the same scalp-nourishing, growth-promoting ingredients (including mung bean and biotin) as its bestselling serum. It's also made with rice powder which absorbs oil and texturizes the hair. Reviewers over 40 say it makes their hair look fuller and cleaner. In a clinical study sponsored by the brand, more than 75% of users said it reduced hair shedding.

What I love about it is how it sprays on feather-light, is weightless on the scalp and doesn't leave behind a white cast like other dry shampoos I've tried. The scent is expensive-seeming; earthy and subtle, like something you'd find in a bespoke Italian perfumier. But the best part of this product is how it not only extended my shampoo time by a week, it made my hair look more dense and healthier every day I tried it, like I'd just had the best, bounciest blowout. This Vegamour Gro dry shampoo volumizes like a great old-school hair spray without any of the stickiness or stiff feel. My one complaint: A full bottle costs $36, which is a bit steep. That's why I'm recommending the travel size, which is $18 and, while just 1.8 ounces, lasts through about 10 uses (you spray it on once or twice a week). And, if you have thin/thinning/fine hair, it's possibly the most useful product you can carry around.

More thinning-hair savers

Vegamour's award-winning hair-growth serum is so popular a bottle sells every 22 seconds. Reviewers (famous and not) love it for its scalp-rejuvenating results and the fact that it's made of all-natural ingredients and doesn't feel chemical-y on your skin. After trying the best-selling product Nicole Kidman "found her hair undeniably transformed," explaining it became thicker, fuller and "noticeably less frizzy."

$45 at Amazon
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At first glance you might think: Why in the world would I need a silk pillowcase? AM I AN EMPRESS? Are we in Hollywood in 1934? Should I start sleeping in a face of cold cream and calling people dah-ling? Do I need a silk robe and high-heeled slippers too? 

But then you learn the facts: Silk pillowcases support the health of both skin AND your hair. Research shows they can help prevent shedding and breakage and can keep your hair from frizzing overnight, leading to less styling and an overall healthier mane. 

$24 at Amazon

I've had good luck plumping up my strands with this volumizing shampoo/conditioner set. It's packed with biotin, vitamin B5, saw palmetto berry extract and coconut oil and manages to be rich and fortifying without being too heavy for fine hair. After just one wash, my hair looked fuller and had more body than usual — and using an ample portion of both products didn't weigh it down.

$72 at Amazon