Night Court Sneak Peek: Brent Spiner and Annie O’Donnell Are Back in Court as the Wheelers Face New Charges

If these two slack-jawed yokels look familiar, you might just be a big Night Court fan.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at this Tuesday’s Night Court (8/7c, NBC), with Brent Spiner and Annie O’Donnell reprising their roles as the hard-luck couple Bob and June Wheeler from the show’s original NBC run. In the clip, which you can watch above, Bob marvels at how nothing has changed in the courtroom in 30 years: “Judge Stone, you look the same!” Um, it was actually Abby’s late father Harry Stone who was the judge last time around, but never mind.

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Abby can barely contain her excitement in finally getting to meet the Wheelers: “I know you guys look like the Great Depression, but you make me so happy!” The dirt-poor pair have been charged with animal hoarding: They brought in a sheep to sacrifice to get rid of the ghosts in the haunted townhouse they recently inherited. But wouldn’t you know it, they fell in love with the sheep. (“It was just friend love,” Bob assures us.)

So they got another sheep to sacrifice, and then they fell in love with that one, and… well, you get the drift. Abby is delighted by their folksy tale — but Dan and Olivia just want to skip ahead to the sentencing.

Spiner and O’Donnell guest-starred in six episodes of Night Court’s original run as the Wheelers, who always seemed to get the short end of the stick. Plus, Big Bang Theory alum Kate Micucci will play the Wheelers’ daughter Carol Ann, who’s now all grown up.

“Huge surprises are in store for Dan when he’s tasked with representing Bob and June Wheeler, the notoriously unfortunate couple from the original iteration who resurface — this time with daughter Carol Ann in tow,” per the official synopsis. “While 30 years may have elapsed, their bad luck undoubtedly continues to plague them.”

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at the Wheelers’ return to Night Court, and then hit the comments and tell us what you remember best about their original run on the show.

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