Nike Is Set To Host Its First Wellness Festival In London This Spring

nike wellness festival
Nike Is Set To Host Its First Wellness FestivalCourtesy of Nike

As we leave the never-ending month of January behind us and look forward to the year ahead, it can often seem overwhelming to find ways to incorporate sustainable forms of wellness into our daily existences.

That’s precisely the reason that Nike is set to host its first-ever Nike Well Festival in March, which will be a day of movement, mindfulness and sound all supported by the Nike Well Collective.

The festival will take place in London’s Woolwich Works on 2 March and a proportion of ticket sales will be donated to Not A Phase, a UK-based charity that supports a brighter future for LGBTQ+ adults through awareness campaigning.

Nike launched its collective, which is made up of Nike trainers, coaches, DJs, communities, presenters, wellness experts and nutrition experts, in 2023 in a bid to support people’s wellness journeys — wherever they might be on it.

nike wellness festival
Courtesy of Nike

'Nike Well Collective is designed to support well-being journeys for everyone, however they define them. It celebrates all bodies and all forms of movement. Because we know holistic fitness is more than just sport, it’s focusing on body, mind and life,' Amy Montagne, VP/GM of Global Nike Women’s, said in a statement.

Find out more about tickets to the Nike Well Festival here and find out more about the Nike Well Collective here.

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