Nikki Bella: My son threw up all the way through my wedding!

Nikki Bella's son vomited throughout her wedding.
The 39-year-old wrestler tied the knot with Artem Chigvintsev, 40, in Paris last August but revealed that they were distracted throughout the ceremony because their two-year-old son Matteo spent the whole time throwing up.
She said: "He was throwing up. 'The Nutcracker'` plays and we're like looking down the aisle, and I'm like, 'Where is he?' And I feel just his hand like this, and my brother's like, 'Here's the rings. Matteo's vomiting. Just, you know, continue to get married. I think I turned white! "
The former WWE star - who was previously engaged to fellow wrestler John Cena from 2013 until 2018 - went on to explain that she questioned whether she was a "terrible parent" as she and Arthem continued to exchange rings whilst their son was taken back to the hotel where he eventually recovered.
She told E! News: "We both don't even remember the ring part because we both kept looking at each other like, 'Are we terrible parents, like putting our rings on and we were just told our son is vomiting in the back?' He ended up throwing up and he went back to the hotel, and he actually ended up being okay. But I'm sad we don't have that moment, but it's okay. We got to see him before."
Nikki- who documented her nuptials as part of her reality show 'Nikki Bella Says I Do' - previously explained that she was "very honest" with the 'Dancing with the Stars' pro about wanting to wear the wedding dress from her previous engagement and admitted her now-husband was "not bothered" at all.
She said: "I was very honest with Artem. I came to him because I would respect however he would feel with that. Artem was just so amazing with it. Not bothered at all. Even when the cameras weren't rolling out I was like, 'Artem, be honest. That's how you really feel?' And it really was."