The NJ Governor Just Made An Outrageous Declaration Ahead Of Taylor Swift’s Shows

taylor swift ham sandwich
Taylor Swift Honored With NJ State SandwichEzumeImages / Gary Miller / Getty Images

As Taylor Swift gets ready to kick off her three-day run of shows at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, the singer has just been granted one of the state's biggest honors. In a video uploaded to Twitter yesterday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy proclaimed the "Taylor Swift ham, egg, and cheese" to be the official state sandwich.

In addition to honoring the pop star, the new official state sandwich also takes a side in the regional battle between people who call the processed meat Taylor ham and those who call it pork roll.

"In New Jersey, we have a reputation for a great war between Taylor ham and pork roll," said Governor Murphy. "Usually, we let you call it what you want, but since we have a superstar coming to town we know all too well that we should commemorate the occasion. So today, we are declaring the official state sandwich of New Jersey a Taylor Swift ham, egg, and cheese."

If you've never seen a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich, here's what it looks like:

taylor ham egg cheese
EzumeImages - Getty Images

In true Swiftie fashion, he ended his message by adding that "It would have been a cruel summer without you."

Governor Murphy also attached a proclamation signed by himself and Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver. Despite the Taylor Swift ham, egg, and cheese being written in as the official state sandwich, some people seem intent on continuing to call the meat pork roll. Others have wondered if there will be a Beyonce-inspired state sandwich when the singer's tour comes to New Jersey.

We have to admit that a Taylor Swift ham, egg, and cheese does sound like the perfect post-concert snack.

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