Noel Gallagher reveals very expensive purchase he was able to make thanks to Louis Tomlinson

Noel Gallagher has boasted he was able to buy a new kitchen for his mansion with the proceeds of a song credit from Louis Tomlinson.
The ‘Wonderwall’ songwriter, 56, raked in a fortune after he was credited as a “lyricist and composer” on the 32-year-old former One Direction singer’s Oasis-inspired 2020 single ‘Walls’, as Louis included elements of three of Noel’s old band’s songs on the tune.
But Noel has also revealed there was no need to pay him – as when he was approached for permission to use snippets of Oasis music he failed to hear the similarities between the tracks and Louis’ song.
He told his comedy writer friend Matt Morgan, 47, on his podcast: “Louis Tomlinson from One Direction – he had a tune out before the pandemic, and one day someone calls me and says they are offering 40 per cent of the publishing because it was one of (my) tunes.
“They sent it to me because it was meant to be like ‘Acquiesce’, and I couldn’t hear it.
“They said, ‘No, wait till the chorus. And I listened and couldn’t hear it.
“But I took the money – thank you.
“They were pre-empting and my publishers said I needed a credit.
“I was like, ‘Thanks.’ It paid for a new kitchen.”
Louis lifted parts of Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’, ‘Cast No Shadow’ and ‘Acquiesce’ on ‘Walls’, and wanted to avoiding a potential copyright infringement by approaching Noel.
The vocal melody of the chorus in particular bears a strong resemblance to ‘Acquiesce’.
Louis admitted at the time he got permission for the lifts from Noel he was “surprised” the rocker had given him the nod as he had abused him and One Direction in the past.
As a credited “lyricist and composer” on ‘Walls’ Noel also had the right to benefit from any royalties made from the song.
Noel also told Matt he has disdain for copyright battles over music, which he branded “murky waters”.
He added: “People say (to me), ‘You just rip other people’s songs,’ but I don’t. I am influenced by them, heavily, and I’m not expecting people not to know this.”