Northern Lights might be visible once more in next two weeks, scientists say

Northern Lights might be visible once more in next two weeks, scientists say

Britons might get another chance to see the Northern Lights within the next fortnight due to a recurrence of a rare cosmic event, according to reports.

Londoners were treated to the rare sight of Aurora Borealis when the spectacle was visible in the south of England at the beginning of May.

And the good news for anyone who missed it is that the huge sunspot responsible for the stunning colours has rotated back towards the Earth, Your Weather has reported.

No exact date has been given for the optimum time to see the Northern Lights once more but the event is more likely due to the sun being at the peak of its 11 year cycle. At this point, the sun is approaching its solar maximum and pumping out increased radiation.

This happens when the sun’s magnetic poles flip, which creates sunspots emitting material that creates the green, pink and purple light.

The phenomena, according to Professor Don Pollacco of the University of Warwick's department of physics, is the result of "particles from the sun, the solar wind, interacting with the Earth's atmosphere – channelled to the polar regions by the Earth's magnetic field”.

Since the mass sightings on May 11, there have been other chances to spot the Northern Lights across the UK - although there has been no repetition of spectacular phenomenon over London.

The recent geomagnetic storm was a once-in-a-20-year event and was possible after at least five coronal mass ejections left the sun in quick succession.

Scientists believe there could be further outbursts within the next two weeks.

Met Office space weather expert Krista Hammond told Kent Online that a full-blown repeat of the previous spectacle, however, is unlikely.

She said: “The chances of the same sunspots doing the same thing again – It’s probably quite slim.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes around and there’s some activity on it, but it won’t be, I doubt, a repeat performance.

“There are a couple of mass ejections on their way to Earth.

“Just because we’re not seeing aurora across the whole of the UK, it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to see it in some areas.”