Do NOT Book That Rental If You See Any Of These Things In Their Kitchen Photos

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If you love to cook and want to save money while traveling, you should book an Airbnb with a good kitchen. We've covered the best Airbnbs with chef's kitchens and all the kitchen tools you'll want to bring to an Airbnb, but there are some things in the kitchen you should look out for you even book your stay. When it comes to the kitchen, we don't mess around.

I asked the Delish team what things they might see in an Airbnb listing's kitchen photos that signal it's not the best place to say. And let's just say they had a lot of opinions

Here are the subtle things you should be looking for in Airbnb kitchen photos. To start, if there aren't any photos of the kitchen at all, just say next and keep scrolling.

A Small, Confined Kitchen

If you're planning on cooking or even entertaining, you need some space. The kitchen is where people congregate, and a crowded kitchen makes cooking difficult.

"A small kitchen that's open to the rest of the house is better than a small, confined kitchen," said Editorial Director Joanna Saltz.

A Dirty, Messy Kitchen

I think it goes without saying that if photos show a messy or dirty kitchen, it's probably best to move on. "If there are crumbs you can see in a photo, RUN," said Senior Food Editor Makinze Gore. If the kitchen isn't cleaned for promotional photos, it's most likely not going to be cleaned before you arrive, and that speaks for the rest of the rental too.

A Lack Of Appliances

When it comes to kitchen photos, there are certain things Gore is always looking for, like a coffee maker and toaster or toaster oven. "Those normally tell me they might have a better stocked kitchen," she added. She'll then look at reviews to see if people have anything to say about the cookware and knives.

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The Kitchen Is Too Sparse

If a kitchen is too sparse, or just styled to look nice but doesn't show any cookware or dishes, it's a red flag for Digital Food Producer Camille Lowder. And Gore will even look for open shelving so you can see if there's a supply of dishes, which also signals the rest of the kitchen is stocked.

No Dishwasher

Okay, okay, not everyone has a dishwasher in their own homes, but if you're planning on cooking for a group, Director of Video Julia Smith said it's a "big nope" if there's no dishwasher. C'mon, you're on vacation. Who wants to be doing dishes?

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Laminate Countertops

Laminate is so....decades ago. Depending on how much you're spending, laminate countertops might indicate the rest of the rental isn't up to par, according to Smith.

No Windows Or Natural Light

So this one isn't a definite no, but natural light always makes a room more cheery and enjoyable to be in. "I hate when kitchen spaces are dark and poorly lit," said Director of Photography Chelsea Lupkin. "I like bright and happy in my kitchen spaces so I can see what I'm doing/eating."

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