NRL fans rip Michael Ennis over comments about Latrell Mitchell amid Souths loss

The former NRL star was called out over some baffling commentary during the Rabbitohs game.

NRL fans have called out former player Michael Ennis for his commentary on Thursday night after constantly praising Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell after many viewers felt the fullback had a lacklustre game. Rabbitohs coach Jason Demetriou described his team's performance as a 'horror show' on Thursday night after multiple errors helped the Brisbane Broncos run away with a 28-18 win at home.

Reece Walsh was the standout for the Broncos having scored a stunning solo try in the first half, before a misjudged effort from Mitchell saw the 21-year-old go in again to seal the game for the home side.

Michael Ennis during commentary and Latrell Mitchell runs the ball.
Michael Ennis (pictured left) was called out for his commentary on Thursday night after constantly praising Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell (pictured right) when many felt the superstar fullback wasn't at his best. (Getty Images)

Rabbitohs fans would have bemoaned the errors in the first-half of the match with Mitchell at the centre of two of them. One saw Mitchell attempt to kick a ball put in behind the Rabbitohs line, instead of diving on it. Another moment - while the bounce was cruel - saw Mitchell fail to time and gather another kick, which led to Walsh's second try.

Mitchell scored a brilliant solo try in the last play of the game, which saw him break the line 30 metres out and breeze past Walsh. Both ended up on the ground exhausted after the effort in a nice embrace.

Ennis was full of superlatives for both players after the moment. This was in contrast to Channel Nine's commentary where Cameron Smith claimed the Rabbitohs needed more from their star man if they are to compete against the big teams. "This is what the Rabbitohs need more of from Latrell Mitchell. He is going to finish the game with plenty of touches, but those types of efforts there. He is a quality player," Smith said. Walsh was dazzling in front of his home fans on Thursday night and one the fullback showdown, but it is fair to say Mitchell had an off night for his standards.

Latrell Mitchell prepares to kick.
Latrell Mitchell (pictured) endured a mixed night against the Brisbane Broncos.

Mitchell ran for 176 metres during the contest, but before the solo try in the 79th minute he hadn't been fully involved in the game. But many fans felt Ennis was commentating a 'different game' having constantly pumped up Mitchell during the broadcast. He also finished with high-praise for his performance after the 80 minutes. And fans were left baffled at Ennis having made it out as if Mitchell was one of the best on the field.

Jason Demetriou blasts the Rabbitohs after 'horror show'

Mitchell did finish the night having scored his 100th try in the NRL, but his solo effort wasn't enough to make coach Demetriou happy with the performance from the team. The Rabbitohs only completed 58 per cent of sets against the Broncos and made 16 errors. And the coach was candid about the performance with the Rabbitohs losing their two opening games of the season.


"It was a horror show of really little things that kept putting pressure on ourselves," Demetriou said. "I said to them (in the sheds) if we bottle that effort and desire and tidy up the effort stuff we will see how good this footy team is."

The Rabbitohs will welcome back recruit Jack Wighton next game, but Demetriou was realistic about how much the former representative player can help a team that has been second best in the opening two rounds. "It is going to be his first game of the year and we are excited to have him make his debut for the club," Demetriou added.

"He gives us experience on the edges and some physicality as well so he will be a big 'in' for us. But we have to tidy up the dumb things we did tonight, get rid of the dumb stuff ... otherwise Jack will be doing what the rest of them were tonight and that's tackling."

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