NYC ‘Bling Bishop’ Lamor Whitehead jailed ahead of June sentencing for fraud

NEW YORK — Convicted scam artist Lamor Whitehead, known as the “Bling Bishop” for his flamboyant lifestyle, was sent to federal jail Monday ahead of his sentencing next month, according to new court filings.

Manhattan Federal Judge Lorna Schofield revoked Whitehead’s bail and remanded him into the custody of the United States Marshal.

Whitehead, a self-proclaimed mentee of Mayor Adams, was convicted earlier this year on multiple federal charges including wire fraud, attempted extortion and making false statements to law enforcement.

Jurors found the 45-year-old pastor guilty of swindling $90,000 from the mother of a parishioner at his Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Prosecutors revealed that Whitehead spent the money on luxury items rather than using it to buy her a home, as he’d promised. Additionally, Whitehead was accused of attempting to extort thousands from a Bronx businessman, promising he could leverage the funds for special treatment from the mayor and substantial earnings. Adams was not accused of any wrongdoing.

Prosecutors argued that Whitehead’s actions and subsequent behavior demonstrated a significant risk to the community. They cited his recent disparagement and threats against Pauline Anderson, the woman he conned, and her son on social media, accusing them of being FBI informants.

They also said the flashy bishop violated a restraining order by revealing sealed documents during a live stream on Patreon, constituting contempt.

Despite being out on bond, Whitehead’s bail was revoked after he continued to make false accusations against prosecutors, the FBI and his alleged victims. In a court filing, prosecutors pushed for immediate action, noting that Whitehead was not taking accountability for his actions.

The con man, now facing the possibility of decades behind bars, pleaded with Schofield to remain on bail until his sentencing.

In a letter addressed to the jurist, he expressed concern for his family, writing, “It would be devastating to take me away from my two 16-year-old children, my nine-year-old daughter, and my two-year-old baby girl.”

Whitehead was scheduled to be sentenced on July 1, but that hearing was rescheduled to June 17, according to a Monday court filing.