Oasis ignite reunion speculation after sharing cryptic post on social media

Legendary Mancunian band Oasis have ignited reunion speculation after they shared a cryptic post on social media on Monday (20 May).

The group split up in 2009 amid a bitter feud between brothers and bandmates Liam and Noel Gallagher. This February, Oasis were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but were snubbed following Liam’s angry reaction to the group’s nomination.

Now, a post on the official account for the group has prompted talk of a long-awaited – but much-denied – reconciliation. The post features a video showing aerial footage of a large house on the banks of a countryside river, surrounded by hills.

The 14-second clip was released with no caption or context on X/Twitter. Alongside the footage, some hazy music can be heard faintly in the background.

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times in the 24 hours since its release, with fans begging the band for an answer.

“Oi Liam, what does it mean? You and Noel drunk called each other yesterday with [Manchester City football team] winning the league and planned a reunion?” pleaded one fan.

“What the hell is this supposed to mean?” and “What does this mean lads come on?” begged others.

Some people were more optimistic about the prospect of the band reuniting, as they wrote: “Imagine the reunion at Leeds omg omg”.

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(Getty Images)

However, more eagle-eyed fans noticed the home looked similar to the English music studio where Oasis recorded their first album, Definitely Maybe. The band released their first hit record on 30 August 1994, with this year marking 30 years since its debut.

“Oh okay they’re just teasing a Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary album...” said one fan as he shared a picture of the studio in the comments section. “It’s where [they] recorded Definitely Maybe..nothing to see here it’s for the anniversary.”

“Calm down they’re probably just releasing the demos of Definitely Maybe,” said another.

Liam, who recently collaborated with The Stone Roses guitarist John Squire, told The Guardian in an interview earlier this year that there was “no way” Oasis would disappear into obscurity.

“There’s no way I’m letting Oasis turn into one of these [bands] where you just wrap an album in cellophane every 10 years,” he said, appearing to pour cold water over the idea of an anniversary record.

In October last year, Liam announced that he would be commencing a solo tour around the UK and Ireland to mark the album’s 30th anniversary. Noel, the elder brother, is said to have been ignoring calls for a reunion since the pair’s almighty bust-up backstage in Paris in 2009.

Appearing on the Pub Talk podcast in October 2022, Noel claimed that “a set of extraordinary circumstances” would be needed for Oasis to reform.