Odd detail in wedding photos of Australian influencers Rachel Dillon and Tobi Pearce

One person called it "the most over-anticipated wedding of the century".

Fitness influencer Rachel Dillon and Tobi Pearce on wedding day
Fitness influencer Rachel Dillon has married Tobi Pearce in a romantic Italian wedding. Photo: Instagram.com/tobi_pearce

Fitness influencer Rachel Dillon has officially tied the knot with her partner Tobi Pearce, but fans have taken to Reddit to point out one odd detail in the couple's wedding photos.

The Aussie fitness duo got married in Ravello, in Italy's Amalfi Coast, after a six-month engagement, with Tobi's daughter with his ex, Kayla Itsines, taking on the role of flower girl on the special day.

However, on social media, people couldn't help but point out that the pair's official wedding portrait looked AI-generated, with one person likening it to a "promo photo for another Twilight movie".

In a /gymsnark Reddit thread, opinions weren't held back as people threw shade at the couple for "the most over-anticipated wedding of the century".


"That’s a lot of face editing for a man who sells confidence," one person commented. "This looks like a MAFS promotion lmfao," another said.

"Oh boy. This literally looks AI-generated. And no smiles to be found," someone else pointed out. "That's how my Sims pose!" another person joked.

Some stepped in to defend the couple, or at least Rachel, but then, as it goes on Reddit, people started arguing.

Rachel and Tobi kiss on wedding day
Rachel and Tobi got engaged last year. Photo: Instagram.com/racheljdillon

"Sometimes this sub is spot on with the snark, and other times, like this one, it's a big miss. Why are we throwing shade at Rachel? She’s happy, big deal. It’s getting pretty sickening how people have to bring down others who are truly happy just because they’re jealous," someone commented.

"Because she is insufferable. Since she got with him she has become so strange. Constantly setting up her phone to capture intimate moments between them and then sharing to strangers for attention. Talking about really intimate moments that are uncomfortable to watch on Instagram. She constantly shares her very young stepdaughter on social media to millions of strangers. Why would anyone do that?!" someone replied.


On Instagram, people were less snarky about the wedding shot.

"Simplicity and elegance. You both look unbelievably stunning. I wish you a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and happiness. Congratulations," one person commented. "CONGRATS!! Marriage is so fun - thanks for sharing your day with all of us!!!" another person said.

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