OJ Simpson cremated in private ceremony

O.J. Simpson's private funeral has taken place.
The disgraced former footballer died of cancer aged 76 on 10 April and on Wednesday (17.04.24), the 'Naked Gun' star's remains were cremated following a small ceremony at Palm Mortuary in Las Vegas.
Lawyer Malcolm LaVergne, who is handling the late star's estate was at the cremation and told RadarOnline.com: "Others were present, but I'm not disclosing who."
There are currently no plans for a public memorial to the former Buffalo Bills player and his ashes will be given to his four children "to do with as they please, according to the wishes of their father."
In 1995, OJ was found not guilty of the murders of his second wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, but two years later, a separate civil trial jury found him liable for their deaths and he was ordered to pay out $33.5 million to their families.
Shortly after his death, OJ's lawyer insisted he would make sure their families got "nothing" from his estate, but later backtracked on his remarks.
Malcolm told The Hollywood Reporter: "I can tell you in advance, [Ron's father] Fred Goldman’s claim will be accepted. And his claim will be handled in accordance with Nevada law."
He went on to insist his initial remarks were an emotional response to Fred talking about his client in the press after his death.
He added: "Within an hour of knowing that O.J. died, he started talking [badly about him]. My advocate instinct is was, ‘Oh, you’re gonna keep [doing this] even after he’s dead? Fine, you know? You get nothing.’
"And so, those were my remarks then. But I backtracked, and they were pretty harsh remarks. And now I’m going in the other direction.”
He went on to insist he plans to invite the Goldman family to a meeting along with those representing the estate of Nicole.
The lawyer pledged to be “hypertransparent” with the families and will "see what we can do in terms of getting this estate in order".