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Boots restock Olay Super Serum that sold out within hours earlier this month

Buy it now for a special introductory price of £19.99 down from £39.99 at Boots.

(Olay / Yahoo Life UK)
This hugely popular serum works to even skin tone, firm skin and smooth visible fine lines and wrinkles. (Olay / Yahoo Life UK)

It's not often viral beauty products from across the pond join us in the UK. Usually, we find ourselves envying the US for keeping all the best picks to themselves. But for once, this isn't the case! Following a brilliant reception in the US back in 2023 when it was first released. Olay has now launched its hugely popular and very highly rated Super Serum in the UK, available exclusively at Boots.

In a nutshell, this premium beauty pick from Olay features five powerhouse active ingredients designed to improve skin texture, even skin tone, firm skin, smooth visible lines and provide long-lasting hydration. It's the serum to end all serums, and has even been described by shoppers as the "cult beauty product" to have.

At £39.99, it doesn't come cheap. However, as part of a special introductory offer, Boots is selling the top-rated skincare buy for just £19.99 for a limited time only.

Landing in Boots earlier this month, the serum sold out within hours of release, but has just been restocked online and continues to be on offer. So, if you were eyeing it up beforehand but didn't get a chance, then we suggest shopping it from Boots in-store or online as soon as you can!

Good for a range of skin types, this concentrated serum comes supercharged with five potent ingredients and works to penetrate deep into the skin for amazing results. 

£19 at Boots

The ingredients in this are what gives this serum its edge. Bursting with the likes of Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Collagen Peptides and more, each ingredient works together to essentially nourish the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, improving texture and hydrating deep beneath the skin.

The powerful serum helps to leave your skin feel firmer, as well as look smoother. (Olay / Boots)
The powerful serum helps to leave your skin feel firmer, as well as look smoother. (Olay / Boots)
Supercharge your skin and simplify your skincare routine with this five-in-one serum. (Olay)
(Boots / Olay)
From Vitamin E to Collagen Peptides, the serum has all the ingredients your routine needs. (Boots / Olay)

£19.99 £39.99 at Boots

Activated Niacinamide — Boosts surface cell turnover, evens skin tone and tackles discolouration
Vitamin — Protects from fine lines and uneven skin tone
Collagen Peptides — Penetrates up to 10 layers deep into the skin, reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Vitamin E — Helps combat damage and keeps skin looking youthful
AHA Lactic Acid — Tackles hyperpigmentation, providing hydration and improving texture

On first application, the serum has a purple-like hue, before transforming to give your skin a gorgeous glow — perfect as a base for make-up.

To integrate the formula into your skincare routine, simply use it after you cleanse, and then layer it with your moisturiser and SPF.

Available in 30ml bottles, it comes with a handy pipette for controlled usage (a little goes a long way) and can be used day and night for best results.

Brand-new to Boots, Olay's Super Serum only has a handful of reviews from UK shoppers. But even so, it's receiving glowing praise. Here's what some skincare fanatics had to say:

  • "This is honestly incredible! I bought it two weeks ago (I managed to get my hands on one before it sold out!) and my skin looks firmer, brighter and fine lines have been reduced! Very impressed and would highly recommend!"

  • "This deserves the hype! Left my skin feeling super hydrated and super smooth. Usually I feel like my face has a lot texture due to dryness and aging but if feel almost glossy after I used it. It improved the look of my make up too."

  • "I have been using Olay Super Serum for a month now, the bottle is so pretty and is easy to use. Giving me the perfect amount of product for my skin, a little bit goes a long way. The product has a gorgeous iridescent shimmer and absorbs so well into my combination skin, it keeps my skin feeling hydrated yet lightweight without any heaviness or stickiness. Gives me a perfect base to apply my day moisturiser on top and keeps my skin smooth and glowing."

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