Olivia Rodrigo donating portion of proceeds from tour to her women's health initiative

Olivia Rodrigo is donating money from her world tour to her reproductive rights initiative.
As the 21-year-old pop superstar's 'GUTS World Tour' got underway on February 23, Olivia revealed a portion of the proceeds from her concerts will go to The Fund 4 Good, which vows to assist women "seeking reproductive health freedom".
In a TikTok on the fan page @liviesHQ, she shared: “I wanted to come on here and tell you about something I’m really excited about, which is the Fund 4 Good, which is an initiative I’m launching as part of the ‘Guts’ world tour.
“The Fund 4 Good works to support all women, girls and people seeking reproductive health freedom. The fund will directly support community based non-profits that champion things like girls’ education, support reproductive rights, and prevent gender-based violence.”
What's more, the 'brutal' hitmaker is teaming up with the National Network of Abortion Funds in North America to “help those impacted by healthcare barriers and getting the reproductive care they deserve.”
The Grammy winner previously expressed how she is determined to raise awareness of "women's issues in America".
The singer performed at the Ace Hotel DTLA in Los Angeles in October in a bid to raise money for her non-profit.
The chart-topping singer - who previously starred on 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' - told PEOPLE: "Its initiative is to raise awareness for certain groups that are championing women's issues in America and all of the other territories I'm going to.
"I'm very excited, and I think it's going to be a very fulfilling and hopefully productive experience.
"Lots of the money is going to abortion funds to help provide some resources to people who are in need of reproductive healthcare."