Olivia Wilde wants to get a tattoo of Jennifer Coolidge's face

Olivia Wilde wants to get a tattoo of Jennifer Coolidge's face.
The 39-year-old director got to meet 'White Lotus' star Jennifer - who has won multiple awards for her portrayal of socialite Tanya McQuoid on the hit HBO series - at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party on Sunday (12.03.23) and took to social media in the days that followed to share a selfie they had taken on the night.
She captioned the post: "Moving this pic to the grid and then to a chest tattoo most likely."
Jennifer shot to fame in 1999 with her role as Stifler's Mom in teen comedy 'American Pie' before going on to appear in 'Legally Blonde' and 'A Cinderella Story' in the eary 2000s but enjoyed a massive career resurgence with 'The White Lotus' and upon winning a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work, paid tribute to her father for igniting her love of film with a day out when she was a child.
She said: "Wow. Wow. You know... It’s been a very special year, overwhelming, 'White Lotus' and Mike White writing me a great part that went on for two seasons. HBO giving me the thumbs up to let me do it and I just wanna say, I want you all to know that I’m just so grateful. What I really wanna say is I have these amazing parents and they had this incredible gift. I think It was impossible for them to lie, they just couldn’t do it, except that my father one day the school principal came to my first grade class and said I had to be called to the office.
"I went and she said my father’s here and he said ‘Yeah Jenny we have to go’ and the principal said ‘Jennifer get well’. I didn’t know what that meant but we got in the car and my father said, 'I’m never gonna tell a lie again but we’re going somewhere really cool.' We drove to Massachusetts and it was the Charlie Chaplin film festival and I swear to god having that experience, it’s my love of film, my love of actors, all of that came from that first grade experience."