Olly Murs: 'My wedding plays are all over the place!'

Olly Murs' wedding plans are "all over the place."
The 38-year-old pop star is set to tie the knot with bodybuilder Amelia Tank, 30, later this year but has had to fit the nuptials in between his busy touring schedule and hasn't been able to organise the honeymoon yet because he has to resume his 'Marry Me' show shortly after the ceremony.
Speaking on UKTV show 'This Morning', he said: "The big day is planned for summer and we've kind of like - well, I'm starting the tour in Glasgow on 28 April, then we do the arena tour so I've got do to the O2 in London and all of that and then I've got a break for stag dos, the hen dos and all of that. And then it's the wedding. But we haven't organised the honeymoon just yet because then I go back on tour in July or August time, so it's a little bit all over the place! But we're trying to make it work. It's gonna be amazing!"
The 'Troublemaker' singer - whose latest album 'Marry Me' is inspired by his engagement to Amelia' previously admitted that planning the big day had been "stressful as hell" but enjoyed returning to work and hadn't realised how "fun" it could be to write about his significant other.
He said: "Things are in the best possible place they could be — at least until you start talking wedding plans which is stressful as hell. But now I am just concentrating on work again and I have nothing to worry about at home. It is so settled and lovely. I didn’t know how much fun it would be to write about me and Amelia a little bit - it’s not all about us, but there is an element of Amelia in each song which I can relate to and she can relate to. It is great to have a moment in my life where I feel so content at home and so happy."