One arrested after car crashes into Downing Street gates

STORY: One person has been arrested after a car

crashed into the gates of Downing Street in London

Date: May 25, 2023

(Simon Parry, Eyewitness)

"I saw the aftermath of a car hitting the gates at Downing Street, I heard the bang. As soon as I heard the bang, I jumped to my feet. I saw a lot of children running away in, almost, panic, away from the gates. It wasn't long before the police came out, pointed tasers at him, had him on the floor. We had a lot of police vehicles, we had sniffer dogs, we had bomb disposal unit and then we evacuated the area. It's been evacuated for maybe 45 minutes to an hour."

Police say they’re not treating the

incident as 'terror-related'

There were no reports of injuries