One of the Sweetest Moments From Kim Cattrall's 'And Just Like That ...' Cameo Was Completely Improvised

It had nothing to do with Annabelle Bronstein.

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the season 2 finale of And Just Like That ...

As Sex and the City fans waited with bated breath for Kim Cattrall's much ballyhooed appearance on the season 2 finale of And Just Like That ..., they got what felt like a perfect moment, which included a throwback to a beloved moment involving Samantha Jones speaking in a British accent and a very cute gesture that saw everyone's favorite PR maven kissing her phone. According to showrunner Michael Patrick King, that phone smooch wasn't planned — but it was perfect.

Explaining the moment on The Writers Room podcast, King said that the kiss was “not in the script,” before adding, “it was totally [an instance of] of an actor playing a moment. And it’s really nice.” In the scene, Samantha kisses the phone after hanging up with Carrie.

<p>Courtesy Max.</p>

Courtesy Max.

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In the scene, Samantha called Carrie from a car in London to say that her flight was delayed and she wouldn’t be able to attend Carrie's "last supper." When Carrie was confused, since she didn't tell her pal about the farewell dinner, Samantha said that “Miranda and Charlotte told me all about it. I was going to surprise you!” Samantha later said goodbye to the apartment while on spearker from Carrie's phone.

King went on to say that in his headcanon, Sam and the girls are constantly talking and texting, so the moment made sense.

“In my multiverse of And Just Like That and Sex and the City, [Carrie and Samantha] are always talking,” King said. “[Samantha]’s always texting and talking, [and] not just [with] Carrie, but Miranda and Charlotte.”

After news of Cattrall's cameo broke, Parker told TVLine that the moment would be “a really nice acknowledgment of the 25 years" that the show has been on the air.

“It’s just this really nice, quick little phone call that just feels so normal, and just is a perfect portrait of the longevity of that friendship, and what it means and the ease in which it exists," she said.

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