Oreo Just Announced A New Flavor And Fans Are Already Obsessed

oreo churro
Oreo Just Announced A Churro CookieOreo

Churros are back on top! Months after the Costco left shoppers in a cinnamon sugar-coated panic when they discontinued its food court churros, the snack has returned elsewhere in quite the unexpected way.

Earlier today, Oreo announced that its newest limited-edition flavor guessed it...churro! Don't you just love a dessert-within-a-dessert combination?

Described as "a creative spin on a beloved dessert," the new churro Oreo features a fried dough flavored cookie with churro-flavored creme. The sweet treat will be available on store shelves starting Wednesday, March 27.

On social media, fans are already eagerly counting down the days until they're able to indulge in one of the golden cookies.

"Yep I will be buying 10 of these," one Instagram user commented.

"Omg I can't wait to eat a whole pack in one sitting," another chimed in.

Several pointed out that Oreo did release a mystery flavor years ago that turned out to be churro, but it's unclear if the newest drop from the cookie brand takes any inspiration from the old mystery flavor.

"I hope this is the same recipe as the 2019 mystery flavor (churro), because those were amazing!" one user revealed.

Either way, there's nothing wrong with a blast from the past, especially if churros are involved.

Oreo Churro does join a pretty solid lineup of limited-edition Oreo flavors, including Neapolitan, Caramel Apple, and Hot Cocoa.

Where do you think churro will rank on Oreo's growing list of limited-edition flavors?

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