Orlando city commissioner charged with spending 96-year-old woman's money on a home, personal items

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — An Orlando city commissioner was arrested Thursday on charges of elderly exploitation, identity fraud and mortgage fraud following accusations that she had spent a constituent's money on herself after getting power of attorney over the 96-year-old woman.

Regina Hill, 63, pleaded not guilty to seven felony counts following her arrest by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She didn't say anything to reporters after bonding out of jail a short time later.

Hill got to know the elderly woman three years ago when she helped clean up the woman's home, which was in deplorable condition. But within a month, the city commissioner had obtained power of attorney over the victim, the FDLE said in a news release.

Hill allegedly purchased a home with the victim as the co-signer, without the victim’s knowledge or consent, for a cost of more than $400,000. She moved into a second home that the victim owned, and spent more than $15,000 of the victim's money on renovations without the victim knowing, the law enforcement agency said.

After gaining access to the woman's personal checking, savings, and credit card accounts, Hill spent over $100,000 of the victim’s money on herself, the FDLE said.

Among the items Hill purchased were home renovations, expensive perfumes, clothing, a facelift and a hotel room in Miami, according to court papers that were filed as part of an injunction issued by a judge against the city commissioner last week.

If convicted, Hill faces a maximum sentence of 180 years in prison.