Otterbox Just Launched Its Most Luxe Phone Case to Date—And It’s Plant-Based

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Otterbox.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Otterbox.

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If an ultra-rugged military-grade phone case fit for a construction site (or the apocalypse) comes to mind when you think of Otterbox, you’re not wrong, but despite their reputation for unparalleled, rugged, minimalist, and utilitarian options, you’d probably be surprised at the sleek options the brand offers—with the same military-grade protection intact. While the brand’s O.G. Defender Series is a best-seller, Otterbox has an impressive lineup of new, sleek, yet ultra-durable device cases. Case in point? Its latest vegan leather collection.

After six months of customer anticipation following its debut at CES in January 2024, Otterbox finally released its ultra-luxe vegan leather Symmetry Series collection, crafted from organic nopal cactus that’s sustainably harvested and 100 percent cruelty-free. The collection infuses the brand’s signature protective technology, engineered with a 3X MIL-STD rating (a military-grade drop test) defense rating, with a bit of quiet luxury appeal.

Otterbox partnered with premium cactus-based leather alternative maker Desserto to design the new collection, which includes phone cases and smartwatch brands for iPhone and Apple Watch. The brainchild of Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, Desserto’s plant-based cactus and agave faux leather has been used by an impressive roster of A-list fashion and automotive companies, including Mercedes Benz, Givenchy, BMW, and H&M.

Otterbox Cactus Leather Symmetry Series Collection Review | Scouted, The Daily Beast
Mia Maguire.

This collaboration with Otterbox marks Desserto’s first foray into tech accessories, transforming a basic phone case into a little slice of luxury that rivals a premium leather wallet or mini handbag. Think about it—you use your phone all day, every day, so why not dress it in a supple (and sustainable) shell—especially when it contributes to a greener future?

“OtterBox knows innovation occurs within every aspect of designing a product, including the materials,” said OtterBox CEO JC Richardson in an internal press release. “We’ve teamed up with Adriano di Marti to source this innovative cactus-based biomaterial that is durable, beautiful, and sustainable to create a product unlike any other for both brands.”

Cactus Leather Symmetry Series iPhone

I got the opportunity to test the new Cactus Leather Symmetry Series case before the launch (I’ve been using mine for about three weeks now), and I can confirm the faux leather feels just as sumptuous as the real deal—maybe even better.

Buy Cactus Leather Symmetry Series iPhone at OtterBox, $59

As beautiful as the case is, I was nervous about how the vegan leather case would hold up against daily drops, a splash of water courtesy of the perpetual waterfall of exploding water containers in my handbag, being stomped on by my 40-pound dog, and being haphazardly tossed from handbag to couch to handbag to bed almost daily.

Surprisingly, the cactus leather is incredibly resilient and repels dirt, water, and scratches like a dream while protecting my expensive (and recklessly uninsured) iPhone 15 from my highly accident-prone lifestyle. It may be made of leather-like material, but it is an Otterbox case after all—and it performs like one, too... without looking like the military Humvee of phone cases.

The cactus leather Symmetry Series case is also designed with a metallic, raised crown along the camera lens to protect the lens from drops, scratches, and other damage so you can continue elevating your phone photography game.

Cactus Leather Symmetry Series Otterbox Review | Scouted, The Daily Beast
Mia Maguire.

If you’re looking to elevate your phone with a style-forward and planet-friendly case that offers superior protection and ease of use, Otterbox’s Cactus Leather Symmetry Series has you (and your phone!) covered.


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