Pamela Anderson found a stalker in her bed wearing her famous red bikini: 'She wanted to touch me!'

Pamela Anderson once found a stalker in her bed wearing her famous red bikini.
The 56-year-old actress shot to fame in the 1990s when she played C.J Parker on the hit series 'Baywatch' and was shocked years later in 2001 to find that a French woman known as Christine Roth, then 27, had broken into her house and climbed into her bed wearing her costume from the show.
Upon seeing Pamela for the first time, the stalker handed her a note which read "I'm not a lesbian, but I dream of you."
Pamela told The Sun: "My mum was in hospital and my dad was coming into town so I was preparing a room for him when someone came upstairs and said, ‘Pamela, there is someone sleeping in your bed’. I was thinking, ‘Very Goldilocksy’, like maybe it was my brother’s wife or maybe someone sneaked in the back door. We went into the room and there was a woman wearing my red bathing suit and speaking French, blonde hair — and then she gave me a letter saying she wanted to touch me and she was there for that, and she had a lot of my clothes under the bed."
The glamour model - who has sons Brandon, 27, and Dylan, 25, with ex-husband Tommy Lee - went on to add that the woman had cut herself with broken glass and that a lot of items that had gone missing from her house ended up being found under the bed where the woman had been hiding.
She said: "She had been there for a while and then she cut her wrists with glass and it was this panicky moment. I grabbed the kids and went outside. There were lots of little things that had gone missing, like bread and my jean jacket, and I kept thinking I was losing my mind. It was all under the bed and it was a room that had an outside entrance so she came in off the beach.
Pamela - who has multiple versions of her iconic swimsuit and has recently collaborated on a swimwear line with Frankies Bikinis - added that the stalker ended up being deported back to France and when police asked if she wanted the bikini back, Pamela quickly told cops that the fan could keep it.
She said: "Anyway, she was deported back to France and she had some issues, and her family was happy to have her back and I was happy to see her go. And then the police asked me if I wanted my bathing suit back and I said, ‘No, it’s OK, thank you very much though. Just give it to her!"