Pamela Anderson recalls being 'painfully shy' before finding fame

Pamela Anderson was "painfully shy" during her younger years.
The 56-year-old actress - who played the part of 'C.J.' Parker on 'Baywatch' in the 90s - has claimed that the public's perception of her doesn't really chime with the reality.
Reflecting on her personal journey, Pamela - who became a sex symbol on the back of her 'Baywatch' fame - told Allure: "I’ve always felt like there’s a little monster inside of me that I need to get out, I need to share.
"I’ve been trying and I’ve begun to feel closest to it … and it’s peeling back everything and trying to remember what my original thoughts are … It’s not just about makeup, taking off the mask, but it’s about why am I here, what’s my purpose, why do I resonate with people, can I help in any way?"
Asked if she has a name for the "little monster", the actress replied: "Little Pamela Anderson that’s always been very mischievous and creative and lived in her imagination.
"[That feeling] it’s just volcanic.
"I was painfully shy … I wouldn’t [even] wear a bathing suit … I knew I had to jump off a bridge to get to … [release it]."
Pamela appeared makeup-free at Paris Fashion Week in 2023.
The actress has now revealed her motivation for her makeup-free look, insisting she wasn't making a "political statement".
The Hollywood star - who previously modelled for Playboy magazine - said: "I did that for myself. It wasn't to make a political statement, I just wanted to have my little weird face sticking out of the top of those great clothes ... why am I playing the game?"