Parents slammed as toddler goes wild on plane: 'No f***ing way'

People are fuming at the parents who let their toddler cause chaos during an eight-hour flight.

The disruption was filmed by a passenger and posted online, gaining almost 18,000 views and nearly 2000 opinions.

"Letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight," the person captioned the video on Reddit.

In a nine-second video the toddler is seen standing on a fold-away tray table in front of her seat, holding onto the passenger's seat in front while jumping up and down.

Two side-by-side photos of a toddler standing on the fold-out table on an eight-hour flight.
People have been left appalled after watching a video of a toddler 'go wild' on an eight hour flight, with the parents supposedly doing nothing about it. Source: Reddit

The passenger in front — who could be a relative or stranger — seems to be completely unbothered by the raging toddler.

While people usually try to be understanding of parents who have to deal with their small child on a flight, the majority thought this had gone too far.

"I’m all for defending parents with crying babies/toddlers on planes but this is completely unacceptable," one person said.

"Kids can be hard to handle sure, especially in a situation like this with a room of strangers and maybe a very long flight, but sh*t man, plan for it," another said. "Copious entertainment of shows, movies and games with headphones, colouring activities, magnetic board games, snacks and drinks."

"My only kid is a tornado and no f***ing way would I allow her to behave this way in public, let alone on a flight," a third person piped in.

Others were also shocked at how undisturbed the passenger in front was.

"How that man remained calm is anyones guess...," one person said.

"That dude is either the heaviest sleeper or is just dead inside," said another.

"I'm pretty non confrontational, but even I would stand up and say something," a third person said.

The incident also restarted a popular conversation about child-free sections on planes, with one person also jokingly calling the video "an ad for condoms".

What to do in a situation like this?

The comments section was also filled with advice for people whoever find themselves in similar situations.

"Frequent flyer here... Usually deal with a rude passenger once or twice a year (I fly roughly 4-8 flights a month depending on work)," one person said. "Ask politely once. Beyond that, don't engage, call over the flight attendant. They will ask them to stop, and if they refuse they'll usually move you to an upgraded seat if available."

"If no seat is available and the aggressor keeps it up, they'll usually have an air marshal come over if one is available, but this is super rare. That will usually stop it."

"If one isn't available, which is almost always the case, attendant will sometimes threaten speaking to the pilot which will lead to a premature landing depending on the severity of the incident."

Many thought the frequent flyer's advice was well-considered and the most appropriate way to react.

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