Paris Hilton claims she suffered from misogyny

Paris Hilton thinks she was a victim of "misogyny" during her younger years.
The 42-year-old heiress believes she shot to stardom during a "toxic" era for young women - but Paris thinks the landscape has started to change in recent years.
Paris - who is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels - told The Independent: "The early 2000s were really about tearing women down and pitting them against each other. It was just so toxic.
"I’m grateful that times are finally changing and people are realising just how wrong it was. But there’s still work to do. There’s definitely a lot of misogyny still left in this world."
Paris welcomed a baby boy named Phoenix via surrogate in January, and she's already dreading the thought of seeing him grow up.
The blonde beauty - who married Carter Reum in 2021 - is also nervous that her son might follow in her footsteps.
She shared: "I get nervous when I think of him being a teenager and if he’s gonna want to sneak out at night.
"And I hope that he doesn’t want to be in this industry, because it’s a lot. I’m hoping he’ll be a nerd like his dad and do business or sports or something."
Earlier this month, Paris revealed that she's loving her experience of motherhood.
The reality star told 'Entertainment Tonight': "My favourite moments are when he's just laying on my chest and he's looking into my eyes and my heart just melts and I just feel that this is just the most magical time in my life."
Paris has also enjoyed sharing her story with her fans through 'Paris: The Memoir'.
She said: "This has just been the most therapeutic experience of my life, putting it all out there.
"[There are] just so many emotions and just so many experiences that I endured and tried to forget, but writing them all out and putting them out there has just made me feel just really incredible."