Passengers 'shocked' to discover their pilot is blonde bombshell

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A stunning pilot has shared her jetsetter lifestyle and claims passengers are stunned to see she is qualified.

Rachel, who doesn’t wish to disclose surname, has been flying for a decade, however, passengers are in disbelief when they see the blonde bombshell in the cockpit.

Rachel in bikini on beach
A female pilot has shared how passengers are often shocked to see she is the pilot of their aircraft simply because she's a woman. Photo: Caters News

The 26-year-old Californian pilot has shared incredible images which showcase her amazing career.

She said: “It is surprising how many people are shocked to discover women can be pilots. There aren’t many women in the industry but I have an overwhelming amount of positive support from colleagues.


“Even passengers look excited when they see I am a young woman. I love to welcome young girls into the cockpit following a flight to show them - we can do anything!”

Rachel first got behind the controls when she was just 16 and started learning how to fly at 17, the same time she started learning how to drive. She then qualified to be an airline transport pilot at 23.

She adds: “I am lucky as my dad David, who passed away aged 59, had his own plane, a Cessna 182.

Rachel in cockpit
Rachel said, "I love to welcome young girls into the cockpit following a flight to show them - we can do anything!" Photo: Caters News

“I was exposed to aviation from a very young age. I’m so lucky to have had his guidance and support throughout my teenage years. He would be very proud. 

"Aviation is a very expensive hobby so I decided to make it my job so I could do what I love, earn money and travel.

“I am sharing my story to show other women that there is an opportunity for them in the industry.”

Rachel has enjoyed paddle boarding in Jamaica, and marvelled at the Chichén Itzá in Mexico along with sunbathing on the white sandy beaches in Costa Rica.

Rachel in Greece
Rachel says one of the best parts of the job is the travel. Photo: Caters News

The pilot encourages other women to break stereotypes and follow their dreams, describing her role as the "best job in the world."

She adds: "A common misconception from the public is that you have to be in the military to become an airline pilot - this isn’t the case.

"I got a Bachelors in Aviation and Science. I spent £58,000 [$112,000] on my flying course along with my university degree to get where I am today. It's not cheap, but it is worth it.

"I have so much fun flying across the states. I meet so many amazing people and I get cheap first-class tickets. That is just one of the amazing flight benefits."

She added, "I’m so grateful for the opportunity and hope to inspire others."

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